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Little ‘Tuber


A few weeks ago I wrote a post about how Annie LOVES to make her own “YouTube” videos. Mike edited this one down, it was originally over eight minutes long!

If you can’t see the video above, click here.

Sponsored Video: Staying fit is an uphill climb: Shameless Maya’s EveryDay Moment


Original: Mom Fuse: Sponsored Video: Staying fit is an uphill climb: Shameless Maya’s EveryDay Moment

YouTube superstar Shameless Maya wanted to exercise, but her little hike turned into huge challenge. See what happened in this #EveryDayMoments episode. Ha! The end was pretty funny. If you aren’t familiar with Shameless Maya, you should visit her YouTube channel, she does...

Future Filmmaker


When Annie was younger, Mike and I often turned to YouTube as a teaching tool for her. It started with us showing her videos of kids doing things she was going to be doing, like go to the doctor, be a flower girl in a wedding, or ride a bike. From there, Mike started showing her videos about inventors,...

Join in a for a College Admissions Chat

by Here we go again! What do parents need to know about college admissions? Join in this Thursday at 1:00 Central to find out. Once again, I'm hosting a

How To Make a Rainbow Cake


I’m obsessed with Nerdy Nummies, the happiest, quirkiest baking show you’ll ever watch. It was created by Seattle native Rosanna Pansino, and it’s the second most popular cooking channel on YouTube with over 260 million page views.

She recently shared with Today’s Mama how to make a rainbow cake, which is a top trend for kids’ birthday parties (just...

Do you Chromecast? {+ a giveaway!!}


The product for this review was supplied to me by Staples. All opinions are my own. 

Normally I am not too into “gadgets” – I leave the technological toys to my husband. But when I heard about Google Chromecast, I was intrigued.  Streaming media...

TMI = Too Much Information in 50 Questions


I was recently tagged by my girl Kathy of MamaKatTV over there on the YouTube to join in on this 5o questions TMI thing that has been making its rounds over there on YouTube. You have to watch hers, she’s funny: view Kathy’s video here. When I realized she tagged me I was all, “Whoa.

TMI = Too...

Today I learned that I am a creepy whisper-tingler


When I was a kid, I remember sitting in my grandparents’ living room looking at the Sunday comics with my cousin, and listening to how she would whisper-read each line to herself. The sound of her hushed murmuring gave my scalp this intense tingle, like all my hair was standing ever so slightly on end. It was weirdly relaxing,...

Breakfast of Algorithms


Hi Folks! Here’s my piece in today’s Wall Street Journal. It’s not straight-on Free-Range, just a little slice of life. I hope this link works! (If not, maybe this one?) Anyway, the piece begins:

A Hearty Breakfast of Google and YouTube

by Lenore Skenazy

This is a tale of two breakfasts.


Dr. Who Tardis Gingerbread House

by Dex has becomes obsessed with pastry lately. Not really eating it, but decorating it. He loves Cake Boss, and a bunch of YouTube channels that frankly I can't remember the name of because we are hitting that generation gap where he likes stuff that is cool and I have no idea what he is talking about.Last night...
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