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Meet Sally


Just before midnight, on New Year’s Eve, we discovered three kittens meowing furiously under our back deck.

The trio were apparently dumped in our yard, something the unfortunately happens a lot in our area.

We’re trying to find homes for two of the kittens, but this girl — we named...

5 Tech Picks You Won’t Want to Miss This Week

by Happy New Year, tech-fabulous moms! Here are a few of our favorite finds from the last week, just in case you missed them while engrossed in that e-book.

Bundling the kids up in winter jackets you’ll want for yourself

by It happens to us every year--mid-Winter hits and we realize that the fall jackets won't cut it, and last year's cheap parkas are now outgrown and looking ratty. This year we took the plunge over to what might be one of the best...

Cool thank you cards from kids (that they’ll actually want to write)

by One of my resolutions this year is to be a little more diligent about getting kids to write thank-you cards. So the first thing I did was order some that they got to pick out themselves.


by Phew I been so busy I feel like my head is spinning!!! I didnt mean to not post, my life has went into overdrive with my new business, Abel and Maddy are growing so fast. Where has the time went. Well I will fill you in. My halfway house business called "Abels House" is doing awesome!! i am in...

A Delicious New Year!

by One of my favorite things to do, is share the love of good food.  Being in the culinary business, I’m constantly surrounded by fabulous foodies, inspiring chef’s, passionate farmer’s, rancher’s and food artisans and in general, really great people.  I feel so blessed! This first post of 2013 is a sharing post, a thank you

Rabbit rabbit

by A day late, yes, but this year I'm cutting myself some slack.

Happy New Year!

by I hope that you and your families and friends had a wonderful holiday break. I've been on vacation from work for 12 days and I think I appreciated it more than my children did - even though I had to wrap a billion presents, cook a billion meals and entertain...

Happy 2013, Cool Moms!

by Thanks, from the bottom of our hearts, for spending this year with us.

Happy Blue Year!


We’re gonna have a blue, blue year:

Happy BLUE year!!!

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