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Favorite SuperBowl Ads 2013

by Wow. What a weird game. Those Ravens gave this former Maryland girl a heart attack. But more importantly, most of the commercials did too - with their lameness. I know I will get flamed, but by far my least favorite was the overly preachy, long-winded Paul Harvey Ram ad. Blech. But my favorites?...

#92. Wishful Waxing & Positive Affirmations


After my job interview, I spent the remainder of the week getting ready for what would finally be some stable employment.  I executed Operation-If-You-Build-It-He-Will-Come in the spirit of positive thinking.  I got my hair cut and coloured at a proper salon.  I got my eye brows...

5 jobs I would take even if they didn’t pay much


I have many friends who are writers, former associates of mine from my newspaper days. Writers, like so many others, are having a rough go of it lately, especially as so many journalists, writers, and reporters have found themselves without a printed publication to write for in the past few years. It makes for a very crowded, competitive playing...

Your Online Resolutions for Increased Internet Safety

by I’ve been working with TrendMicro for almost an year now, offering monthly tips and advice on how we can maintain online security standards anywhere we are connected. For me, a lot of the tips that I have learned have been applicable not only to my own work online, but also to my family and what

The Instagram Conundrum

by Many of you have heard about the Instagram Terms of Service Kerfuffle from a few weeks ago. You know, when they released a new TOS that states, pretty implicitly, that they had the right to use any of our photos in advertising. Rightfully so, the internet had a full hissy fit. A temper tantrum of monumental proportions.

Interview With Sea Wolf

by And when I say "Sea Wolf," I mean Alex Brown Church, because he is Sea Wolf. Based on the "heavy rotation" section on Rdio, you guys like Alex's new album, "Old World Romance," as...

What I Learned About Myself After Seeing The ‘Kidz Bop 23′ Commercial 900 Times

by I was off of work for close to two weeks over the holidays. It was glorious. I slept in, ate and drank my way through the city, got to see some friends who were home to visit, got some presents, and rang in the new year. Best of all, I got to hang out with

Please support...

Welcoming in 2013 – January 3 ‘13


Good morning, Divas!! I set off bright and early this morning to dedicate a solid three hours to working out and starting off my morning–and 2013–right. I spun at Flywheel and did a core fusion class and I feel more ready than ever to take on the day…I also feel sore!! For those of you who are finding it...

This Week: Best New NYC Spots for Kids, Three Kings Day, Tree Recycling, Winter Fun for Families


It's been another low-key week at Mommy Poppins (and hopefully at your home, too) as we slowly get back into the groove of work and school. Most of the holidays are behind us—save for Three Kings Day, which officially ends the season on Sunday—and we're all looking ahead to winter fun\.

While you can certainly enjoy seasonal...

365 Frugality Tips: Couponing When You Can


Day 3: Year of Renewed Frugality Many people resist the notion of couponing when it comes to frugal living because they think it is too much work. I get that in some instances, it may not make any sense. For example, my mother lives in a rural area where her nearby supermarkets don’t double coupons. To her cutting coupons...

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