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The New Fantasyland Broadens The Disney Magic

by In 2012 one of the last trips we took together as a family was to Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. We had never visited the park during the holiday season. I have to say, it was like going for the first time in many ways. As festive and colorful as Disney is all year

Out of the Box Dinner Deliveries in Seattle


You’ve already ordered pizza for dinner once this week as a solution to your oh-so-busy weekday evenings and it can’t be a good sign that you’re on a first name basis with the delivery guy. But, what’s a mom to do? Not all of us are spending hours swooning over the latest Pinterest recipes and (you’d better sit down...

Family Traditions: Celebrating Winter and Snow


Winter is full of family traditions (like this delicious one) but none that our family gets as excited for as much as the first snowfall of the year. Regardless of whether it’s the first or the 15th snowfall, families can make memories involving snow that last all...

21 Weeks


20 & 6!

Whoa, this little dude is the length of a carrot... yum.

Cool things happening {via BabyCenter}: His eyebrows and eyelids are present, and he's developing patterns in his kicks and wiggles. Which is accurate! He's active when...

Year-end Nanny Tax Help – Save TIME and MONEY with Jennifer Horner


It's January and time to start working on your annual tax return. If you've employed a nanny during the year and now need to prepare and file Form W2/W3, call JJ Horner for assistance. But don't delay - W2's are due to your nanny by January...

Repurposing Old Calendars for Kitchen Decor

by I’m kindof a bit of a procastinator, so my calendars don’t always get changed for the right month. Sometimes, they aren’t even put up in time to matter for the year. Woops. But my family has a tradition of giving calendars, and I hate that these calendars with such lovely pics get used up and

Outstanding ideas for that last-minute charitable contribution for the year.

by We can't think of a better way to bid farewell to the year than by highlighting our editors' and contributors' favorite charities and non-profits, just in time for a final contribution--and tax deduction--for 2012. Do any of your favorites line up with ours? Or hey, maybe you'll find some place...

New Year’s Eve Quotes and Sayings

by New Year’s Eve is a fabulous time for making goals, celebrating the rebirth of the year, and forgiving for mistakes in the old year. These quotes, sayings and phrases are perfect for scrapbooking, card making, decorating for a New Year’s party, or whatever occasion makes you need the saying. New Year’s Even Quotes About Birthdays and New

The most fabulous New Year’s Cards on Etsy: long live the procrastinators!

by By my calculations, we still have another two weeks or so to get our New Year's cards out. Now not only does sending New Year's cards buy us a little more time (and...

The Particulars


Victoria and I are at work on making my bedroom the perfect place to be a girl. (We try to make decisions only while drinking wine in tutus, watching “Girls.”)

I have a new post up on Go Mighty, where I’m wondering what you have in your...

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