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Ever just wake up from dreams that you wish you could take away?

For quite some time now I've been having dreams about people who have hurt my feelings.  And I wake up replaying things that they've said about me and to me in real life.  I've woken up being short and not...

Vince Gilligan Shares Details About The Final Episodes Of “Breaking Bad”

by Do you watch AMC’s Breaking Bad? Of course you watch Breaking Bad. Stupid question. The better question is how you’ve been dealing with this endless waiting game since last September’s season finale? If it can even be called a “season.” There were only, what, eight episodes before we were left dangling (heh) with the image

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Dave Mustaine Vs. Men’s Wearhouse And Other Extremely Metal Moves

by Being part of the public and looking from the outside-in at the lives of celebrities, I always tend to fall into the trap of thinking that they lead charmed lives. I mean, that is probably true on a few levels. If a celebrity managed to make a decent chunk of money at one point in

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Dashing Through The Snow: 5 Favorite Sleds for Toddlers


Imagine your kiddo rolling over bucolic hills on a sustainable wood sled and whisking by evergreen trees. Hot chocolate awaits you and the joy of a snow day has everyone smiling. Now cut to reality. You’re lugging two antsy kids down to the snow-filled streets after a conference call gone wrong and need to leave the apartment before everyone...

What I Learned About Myself After Seeing The ‘Kidz Bop 23′ Commercial 900 Times

by I was off of work for close to two weeks over the holidays. It was glorious. I slept in, ate and drank my way through the city, got to see some friends who were home to visit, got some presents, and rang in the new year. Best of all, I got to hang out with

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Movie Trailer Roundup: Zombies and Aliens and Ryan Gosling, Oh my!

by Should old acquaintance be forgot! And never brought to mind! Should auld acquaintance be forgot, And MOVIETRAILERROUNDUP!1!!!! Well, it’s time for the first Movie Trailer Roundup of 2013 and I hope you all had a damned fantastic New Year’s.  Mine was pretty decent, in that I partied with my 1-year-old son, Max, fell asleep on

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Dust Off Your Snuggies – It’s Winter Reality TV Time!

by Now that the holidays are over and your New Year’s Eve hangover is (I hope) subsiding, it’s time to get back to the norm. Take down the tree, get back to work, and watch some new reality television! Since producers know you’ve got nowhere else to be but sitting on your couch covered in a

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Epic Movie Fail: Christian Slater’s “Playback” Grosses An Embarrassing $264

by Well, 2013 is already in full swing, but 2012 had one final kick to the balls and ego (and the balls of the ego if egos have balls) in store for one movie and “star” before the New Years ball dropped. Christian Slater‘s newest movie, Playback, just grossed a sweeeeeeeeet $264, making it the lowest earning movie

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The Quality Cafe: The Only Diner In Los Angeles, Apparently

by I’ll admit it: I’m an annoying person to watch movies and television shows with. Thankfully, I’m not a constant question asker (Wait? What’s happening now? Wait, why is he going in there? What’s she going to do?!? *shudder*). No, I’m the person who during movies and TV shows is constantly shouting things to her kids like,

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Girls, Gangnam Style, And Louie: The Best Pop Culture Moments Of 2012

by Well, this has been a humdinger of a year, hasn’t it? Maybe it’s just because I’m getting older, maybe being a mom has me thinking all kinds of intense (but fruitless) things about Teh Children, but I felt that the highs and lows were pretty extreme. Throughout it all, movies, music, TV, and the internet

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