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Making (and keeping) my resolution to having a better morning routine #spon #buy5save5


The best handmade American Girl Doll clothes on Etsy: Should you succumb?

by I caved. After years of avoiding the store and hiding the catalog, I finally gave in and bought two American Girl Dolls for my daughters for Christmas. But in doing so, I swore that I'd support Etsy artists and crafters by buying as much handmade clothing for American Girl Dolls as possible.

Explore Free TechTots Classes and Get Tips At Your Local Microsoft Store


Looking for some Indoor fun? Check out Microsoft's TechTots classes to explore technology together in a fun and educational way. TechTots series features FREE interactive classes for you and your kids ages 2-5. Learn how to use your Windows Phone8 to fit your lifestyle or how...

Epic Movie Fail: Christian Slater’s “Playback” Grosses An Embarrassing $264

by Well, 2013 is already in full swing, but 2012 had one final kick to the balls and ego (and the balls of the ego if egos have balls) in store for one movie and “star” before the New Years ball dropped. Christian Slater‘s newest movie, Playback, just grossed a sweeeeeeeeet $264, making it the lowest earning movie

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A New Breed of Mom 2013-01-01 15:31:00

by New Beginnings As we usher in the new year, it is time to celebrate our accomplishments from the previous year, but more importantly, it's time to look ahead to what new adventures 2013 has in store for us! Nationally, 2012 saw both moments of  great accomplishment and joy as well as moments of grave sorrow. We watched with pride the events of...

Party Ideas: How to Throw an Eco-Friendly Party


I’m always searching for eco-friendly ideas for parties because as much as I love to throw a good party, I hate the waste that is often associated with it. Just thinking about the disposable plates, paper napkins, throw away decorations, and heavily processed...

15% Off Staples In-Store Purchase (+ Receive the Eco Bag For Free!)


If you have anything left to buy for Christmas, or are just in need of office supplies, through Saturday 12/29 you can head on over to your local Staples store with this coupon to score an additional 15% off your entire purchase on...

Soho Sunday


NYC weather has been gray lately, so when we got a bit of sun last Sunday, I knew we had to get out and enjoy it. Even if it means braving the crowd two days before Christmas. My sissy and I ventured to SoHo to find a Uniqlo store, where we were told we can find...

One Helluva Lesson For Christmas


10:45pm on Christmas Eve and tears were streaming down my face as I helplessly drove around our neighborhood trying to WILL a major store to be open.

Every single emotion leading up to 12/24/2012 at nearly 11pm was pouring out of me. The illness. The pain. The toll on my family. The issues going on in my life unrelated to...

Country Crock Holiday Veggie Giveaway!


The original post, which came from Mom Fuse, can be found here: Country Crock Holiday Veggie Giveaway!

Christmas is only a few days away which means it’s time to prep for the holiday meal. I’ve been checking my menu over and over to be sure I have all the ingredients and I’ll be making one last trip to the...

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