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Dave Mustaine Vs. Men’s Wearhouse And Other Extremely Metal Moves

by Being part of the public and looking from the outside-in at the lives of celebrities, I always tend to fall into the trap of thinking that they lead charmed lives. I mean, that is probably true on a few levels. If a celebrity managed to make a decent chunk of money at one point in

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Rachael’s 2012 Recap


Sweet, sweet 2012! We lived to see another year! (Silly Mayans . . .)


1st ballet recital.

There are these moments when you realize just how much your little people are bigger than you and so very separate from you. This was one of those moments. My little 8 year old was poised, brave, graceful and so very much her own...

Dust Off Your Snuggies – It’s Winter Reality TV Time!

by Now that the holidays are over and your New Year’s Eve hangover is (I hope) subsiding, it’s time to get back to the norm. Take down the tree, get back to work, and watch some new reality television! Since producers know you’ve got nowhere else to be but sitting on your couch covered in a

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Valentine’s Day Home Decor DIY Projects


Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day right around the corner and no time like the present to start in on a couple of cute Valentine’s home decor DIY projects.

Valentine’s Day Love Jars

These love jars, by Stephanie Dulgarian, are perfect for setting out on...

The Quality Cafe: The Only Diner In Los Angeles, Apparently

by I’ll admit it: I’m an annoying person to watch movies and television shows with. Thankfully, I’m not a constant question asker (Wait? What’s happening now? Wait, why is he going in there? What’s she going to do?!? *shudder*). No, I’m the person who during movies and TV shows is constantly shouting things to her kids like,

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Movie Trailer Roundup: 2013 Comedies Extravaganza

by It’s 10am.  It’s Thursday.  You know what that means? IT’S MOVIE TRAILER ROUNDUP TIME! Last week, we were inundated with a whole mess of upcoming 2013 blockbusters.  We were teased with superheroes, giant robots, and horses in trees.  But this week, I want to take a look at a couple of upcoming 2013 comedies that

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YouTube Marketing: 5 Tips For Creating YouTube Videos


YouTube videos are a great addition to your blog or website. They provide an opportunity to connect with your readers in a new way. People like being able to hear your voice and get a feel for your personality.

The nice...

Top 5 Movies With Families More Dysfunctional Than Yours

by Well, we’re neck-deep in the holidays now, and if you’re like me this means being surrounded by family. I don’t about know you, but this more than likely means one of two things; you’ve either been blissfully baking cookies with your mom and throwing a few back with your siblings, or you’ve holed yourself up

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Five Christmas Movies Not About Christmas

by It was almost like I was living a blog post, because I was standing around talking to my friends at work and they started listing off their favorite Christmas movies, and I was all “How convenient!” because I didn’t feel like reviewing This is 40 in the first place. Of course, all the ones you

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Simon Cowell And Carmen Electra Are Dating: Merry Christmas, Internet!

by Just when I was going to write a post based on a handful of my toddler’s alphabet magnets tossed around on a pillow case, along comes the perfect nonsensical string of words that turns out to be a true Hollywood headline. It’s now confirmed:  Carmen Electra is dating The X Factor‘s Simon Cowell. The Playboy pussycat,

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