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It’s maple season. Maple earrings.

by I'm definitely a fan of big statement jewelry--big rings, big earrings, chunky necklaces--but the thing about it is, too much of it at once makes the wrong statement.

The New Fantasyland Broadens The Disney Magic

by In 2012 one of the last trips we took together as a family was to Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. We had never visited the park during the holiday season. I have to say, it was like going for the first time in many ways. As festive and colorful as Disney is all year

Recipe: Low Cal Salad Dressing With Lawry’s Season Salt


Isn’t it great how food can conjure up the best memories? For me, banana cookies remind me of conversations with my grandma. Peanut brittle reminds me of Christmas candy making parties with my dad. Mashed potatoes remind me of Thanksgiving with my in-laws. And canned apple sauce reminds me of...

What Makes A Good Cookbook?


Do you love reading a cookbook like it’s a novel?  Do you crave food porn, those deliciously irresistible pictures that draw you into the kitchen?  What makes a good cookbook?

This post started as an attempt to share my Top 10...

Merry Christmas From Coupon Cravings


In the midst of the crazy Holiday season, I wanted to take a moment to wish you a Merry Christmas from my Family to yours. I am truly so blessed to be able to have such great people to share money saving victories and deals with! Right now I...

Merry Everything!

by All the best this holiday season!

Memory-Making Holiday Gifts for Kids

by Holidays and toys go hand-in-hand for kids. While I love making children happy during the Christmas season, I prefer giving holiday gifts that aren’t toy-related. Am I being a scrooge? I don’t think so. For starters, most parents buy piles of toys for their kids. These toys receive attention for a day or two and

O, joy! The sweetest aromatherapy of the season

by Several years ago, we introduced you to a new line of wonderful aromatherapy-based skin care products from hellomellow. So I'm happy to check back with the company and find out they've expanded the line with some lovely new scents and some...

Season of Sharing: 10 Ways to Give Back


With the whirlwind of holiday shopping, visiting relatives, and the kids out of school, we often forget that the holiday season is all about giving back. There are countless local charities in Los Angeles that wonderfully serve the community year round so we dug around and asked local moms and dads where they choose to give back. The list...

One-word Wednesday: Posers


Gramma with Mac and Bubby, posing on the last day of her visit.

Today's Christmas-y question:

What is one thing you will do—or have already done—this holiday season that you were unable to do last year?

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