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20 Family Activities to Ring in 2013, LA Style


Image by Chip Litherland, courtesy of LEGOLAND

If New Year’s Eve since the kids were born has meant a clink of plastic glasses of sparkling juice before tucking them in for the night and curling up on the couch to watch the ball drop, it’s time for...

Holding His Hand

by Before you is my 22nd Wedding Anniversary. It has been 22 years of the most incredible journey of my life..I've been married to this man more than half of my life (I was 21 when I got married). I know my dress...

Hot List: Fun Events, Things To Do & More

by The New Children's Museum New Year's Bash - Beats, Patterns and Rhythms

Ring in 2013 with The New Children’s Museum in downtown San Diego! Get down at NCM’s annual New Year’s Bash...

Boxers Fracture – A Common Injury


Watching wrestling over the years, you see a lot of injuries happen. Some not so serious, some career debilitating, and some even life threatening. Athletes in all sports have to deal with injuries from time to time. It’s how you take care of yourself afterwards which determines how well you’ll do with recovery and getting back into the ring,...

How To Make Bokeh Shapes


This is the time of year to play with light bokeh and force it into cute shapes! In a nutshell, to create light bokeh you want a very wide aperture (small f-stop number, like 1.8). Then adjust focus so that the lights are out of focus. They will be blurry, pretty circles.

If you want the bokeh to take a...

Guest Post: If Female Breadwinners Wore Mood Rings…

by I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Dawn DeLavallade, M.D., author of She Makes More, a book about female breadwinners. I asked Dawn to contribute a post about her experiences as a breadwinner. What do you think? What resonates for you? Have you ever tried on a mood ring….those cute and quirky little gift shop trinkets made of...

The New Children’s Museum New Year’s Bash – Beats, Patterns and Rhythms


Ring in 2013 with The New Children’s Museum in downtown San Diego!

Get down at NCM’s annual New Year’s Bash celebration! Festivities will include dance and musical performances, hands-on art workshops and activities that are all inspired by colorful, energetic street art! Planned events include:

- Scavenger Hunts

#WWE and the Diva’s Division, We Want To Hear Your Thoughts!


WWE Survivor Series was last night, a pretty good pay per view, however, I don’t want to talk much about that today. What I do want to talk about...

Photo replay: Little hunters


Bubby and Mac hunt for ants:

October 6, 2012

And, yes, that is indeed a ring-toss ring on Bubby's head and a pair of play tongs on Mac's neck—the most fashionable of this year's hunting gear.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Wedding Ring Panic Attack

by Last night was a fairly normal night of putting the kids to bed and then coming back downstairs to get a little more work done and watch TV. About half an hour into our child-free time, I suddenly realized something was missing. My left thumb reached across my palm to brush my ring finger, like I do absentmindedly...
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