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A babysitter for New Year’s Eve? No problem! A comparison of the top two caregiver websites.

by I've personally had good fortune finding babysitters using both and, national services which help members match up with trustworthy child care providers. Whether you're looking to get a date night over the holidays and New Year's...

Finding extra #timeforfamily with Stouffer’s and Marzetti New York Texas Toast


I’ve been so short on time these days because it’s finally coming down to the...

Stages of Bedrest: A Photographic Essay With Words & Stuff Too


Stage One: I Got This

Okay, Baby. We can handle this, no problem! No chores, no breaking up fights between your brothers, and no pants? Yeeeeeah, boy! We win!

Stage Two: LOL NOPE

What the hell is going on here!? They brought the fights into my room, Caesar threw wet toilet paper...

How to Teach Your Children Healthy Eating Habits


Child obesity has become truly a grave problem nowadays. Never before have there been more overweight children and that seems, naturally, to trouble their parents. This calls for taking serious precautions. The best solution to the issue is to teach children how to eat properly. Habits like the ones related to eating are to be picked up from an...

Bad milestone


Riley’s fervent adherence to school rules has been a bit of a surprise this year. Given the two extremes, I’d much rather deal with a kid who is maybe a little too rigid about school than one who’s constantly getting in trouble, but his attitude hasn’t been without its challenges. At a recent parent teacher conference, his teacher...

Michael’s 25% Off Entire Purchase (Valid Through Monday 11/12)


Woo hoo! If you need frames, or Holiday decorations, make sure to grab this very nice Michael's coupon valid for 25% off your entire purchase all weekend long through Monday 11/12/12!

Keep in mind that a lot of the craft stores will...

Signs It’s Time to Dump Your Doctor


When you’re sick, it’s one thing to feel like a pile of something steamy and stinky; it’s another to feel that way and have the doctor say something like, “Hm, that’s weird…”  Bodies are definitely weird, but medicine in this day and age shouldn’t leave doctors — or us “simpleton” patients –nearly as stymied as we often are.  It’s...

house renovation, day 19: houston, we have a problem


Okay, so let me begin by saying that I fully realize I have a great life, full of blessings not the least of which is that I am able to live with my sweet family in a very safe neighbourhood, in a relatively safe city, with a roof over our heads and more than enough food on...

Plantronics Bluetooth Earbuds


I’m sound obsessed. Everyone knows it. In fact I’m pretty sure that Michelle and I have forged a good portion of our friendship over agreements that meals should be silent, there should be no slurping, chewing or lip smacking sounds. One of my favorite things to do...

Save 30% at Old Navy Oct. 12-14

by Old Navy is celebrating 5 million fans on Facebook by sharing a 30% discount with all its fans. Old Navy decided to create a “human coupon” that would give you 30% off any purchase made at an Old Navy store between October 12th and October 14th--basically this weekend. Old Navy posted about this deal on its Facebook page, and...
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