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Building Skills: 5 Photography Activities for Kids


I fell in love with photography at an early age but I didn't start practicing and digging deep into photography until I was in college. I often think about where I would be in my photography had I learned about the different aspects of photography when I was a child. What would my photos look like? What was...

Drink and Click™ Photowalks Coming Up!


All of these photowalks are free and everyone is invited – please join us for fun and photography!

• Austin, TX with Juan Gonzalez & Lotus Carroll

beginning focus: a new ebook!


Twenty years ago, after I had bought my first camera with my friend Josef's help, and after he taught me how to load the thing with film, and went with me for a few hours to shoot the first roll, I found myself on my own when it...

Photos: 10 Tips for Newborn Photography


From landscape photography to documentary photography, event photography to portrait photography—there are many different types of photography that help you express your emotions, viewpoint, and style. Out of all of the different types of photography, the one form of photography that many people find the most difficult is portrait, specifically newborn photography.

soulful photography


This year marks 20 years since I first picked up a camera with the intent of pursuing photography; if not as a profession, then as a serious avocation.  I've shot, conservatively, tens of thousands of photographs since then -- and in that time, the way I shoot has changed dramatically,...

Photos for Travelers: 125 Photos To Take on Your Next Trip


I’m doing a lecture series about travel, social media and photography later this month. I’m  positively excited  giddy about it. There are four lectures and (possibly) a photo walk in the series  I’ve developed.  The lecture on digital photography is my favorite.   I’ve never claimed to be a great...

mod. Premium Straps and Accessories: Love Your Camera As Much As I Love Mine? Give it Some Love with a Fabulous .mod Strap! #photography

by mod. Premium Straps and Accessories.

When it comes to photography, you can say that I am an enthusiast. While I appreciate a good picture, I also do my best to take better pictures. With that being said, I really do...

Since my life is one big travel log (of which I am immensely…


Since my life is one big travel log (of which I am immensely grateful and appreciative) I thought I would join @Traceyfriley and ’s #Traveltastic photo challenge this month.

The first prompt is “Flying High". I gathered some aerial photos I’ve taken in planes over the years and mashed them into one collage. The...

Eu Vim Da Bahia by João Gilberto and Stan GetzWhen I was in Rio…


Eu Vim Da Bahia by João Gilberto and Stan Getz

When I was in Rio last spring I listened to this song every day I was there. I have no idea the…

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8th Grade Graduation – #PSF Give Me Your Best Shot


  Last night my 2nd daughter, Necco, graduated from 8th grade and took her next step towards high school. We went shopping together on Tuesday (way to be last minute, Lolli!) and found the perfect dress and sandals...

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