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Stuff rookie moms should know about (June 2014 edition)

by This TED Talk, by Jennifer Senior, addresses the anxiety produced by all the parenting advice out there, written as if parenting is a crisis. Her book All Joy and No Fun, documents how our culture has transformed parenting into an active verb, in which we invest all our time and resources into our kids.

The I’m Too Tired to Write a Post for Manic Mondays


The past 5 days have been crazy. My 5 year old had his tonsils and adenoids removed along with tubes put in his ears. I’m too drained and tired to write the post I need to write about it….I do want to share some tips for other parents that have to go through this, but there has been way...

Kids & Tech: No One Right Answer


Readers — I like this piece by Janell Burrely Hofmann, mom of five, public speaker, and  author of iRules: What Every Tech Healthy Family Needs to Know About Selfies, Sexting, Gaming and Growing Up. Most of all, I appreciate her reminding us that imperfect parenting used to be considered NORMAL. Now it is UNACCEPTABLE…even though perfect parenting...

Government Should Not Step In to Make Us “Perfect” Parents


Readers — I am honored to present this brilliant piece by Jan Macvarish, a research fellow at the University of Kent and co-author of the book Parenting Culture Studies, which asks how come the way we feed, talk to, and play with our kids has become the stuff of public debate and government...

Nothing and Everything Surprises Me


One thing I love/hate about parenting is all the little surprises that you never realized were going to be an actual part of parenting. You know what I’m talking about right? The things that you’d never expect to hear from your own lips that sound just like your mother talking, or the unexpected things your kids say and do....

I Will Never Have Perfect Patience. And You Probably Won’t Either.


I started a painting project last week, and it is still not finished this week. The pre-kids me would have killed herself for two solid days painting that tiny 12×12 playroom (but it would have been some other room since I was pre-kids), but the “I have 3 kids” me can’t possibly do that.

And, in the midst of starting...

Moms and Burgers


Readers — Here’s a public service announcement someone posted on Facebook that has started an interesting discussion:

The problem with this ad is that it reinforces a sickening message about parenting: that if you are not optimizing every choice you make for your child — including choosing the best possible foods,...

The Minimalist Parenting Fundraiser to #HelpWomenAtRisk


What is minimalist parenting? Minimalist Parenting, what?! Well, since there’s a whole book about it, I hesitate to say much about it. But to say it’s kind-of the opposite of the mania that modern parenting (see also: the first-world issue of abundance) drags us into… I might be over-simplifying. Think minimal. Minimalist parenting, to be

The Minimalist Parenting...

Guinea Pigs

by One time, a long time ago, I read a parenting blog from a woman who said something like, "I would rather put a stake in my eye than write about my religion, but yes I'm a Mormon." And I think all the time, I'd rather put...

Busy Parenting


Parenting, it is exhausting. When my kids were little I traveled a lot for work. I thought it was tough to travel then but now it is actually harder to not be present. The after school activities, packing lunches, signing folders and homework, helping them with homework, making sure that you’re there to talk to

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