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5 Things I’ve Learned From Motherhood that Changed My Life


In my daughter’s eyes, I can see the future, A reflection of who I am and what will be, And though she’ll grow and someday leave, Maybe raise a family, When I’m gone I hope you see, How happy she made me, For I’ll be there, In my daughter’s eyes


by Today is always a challenge for me. This date - January 5th, is the day I lost a baby. Its not something a parent forgets, but for me it is exceptionally difficult as it is the day before our wedding anniversary. Its a huge reminder to me of the sadness and emptiness I felt. It's a day when I...

Help me chart the course for Parent Hacks in 2013: What do you need help with?

by Photo credit: anyone else slightly dazed at the prospect of a whole new 365 days?

I woke up this morning feeling a bit disoriented. Not in a bad, crawl-back-in-bed way,...

Thank you for another wonderful year (and a sneak peek at what’s next)

by The White Stag gets a red nose during the holidays. Photo credit: Unknown

Good morning, friends! I hope you're settled into whatever holiday plans your family has, even if that means getting settled on...

Top 10 Family Albums of 2012


The mainstream press may tell you that kid’s music doesn’t have a place in your iTunes library, but they couldn’t be more wrong. So as we wrap up another brilliant year for modern kid’s music, we are taking a look at the ten best CDs for ears of all-ages. From Americana to Hip-Hop, experimental art-pop to danceable puppet-rock, the...

To Hold You While You Sleep


Babies don’t ask for much. Oh sure, when we’re tired or can’t figure out what’s wrong or just plain don’t have enough hands it feels as though they want the world. As though their needs are the only thing that matters. As though we’re never again going to be able to do what we want (or need) to do...

Coping with Sandy Hook


Like every other parent in America, I sent my kids off to school yesterday morning with a giant lump in my throat.  The horrific events of Friday’s mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School were at the forefront of my mind as I hugged each of my...

Discussing Qualcomm Survey on Technology Impacts and Kids

by A little while back I meet with a team from Qualcomm, the maker of the Snapdragon processor for mobile devices, to discuss the results of their recent survey on "How much technology is changing the way we raise our children" and more important, What parent’s should know about the right processor when choosing a mobile device. As a parent with...

The Only Gift Guide You’ll Need This Year


Any busy parent knows that when it comes to holiday gift giving, we want to give a totally awesome and memorable gift to our loved ones without spending hours jumping from store to store or staying up late squinting at small photos from our favorite online...

The honor of being useful: a love letter to Parenthackers


Christine and I talked on the phone for over an hour yesterday, much of it dreaming about the...

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