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Downloads: Valentine’s Day Printables eBook


It’s February and we all know what that means: Valentine’s Day! Every year, people go on a quest for cuter and more unique gifts and surprises for those special people in their lives. This year, we’re giving you a leg up with 20+ cute and fun new Valentine’s Day printables...

Valentine’s Day Potato Stamped Heart Bookmarks


It’s pretty well documented that crafting plays a large part of the mother daughter bonding ritual around here. Obviously cooking is the other major bonding time activity. Luke generally does all the active bonging things. Bikes, roller blading, playing at the park. I can’t help it I...

Love is the Flower… John Lennon Quote #PSF Give Me Your Best Shot


This past week, I was able to attend (and photograph) the wedding of an old friend of mine. I love how happy love makes two people. And I love, as a photographer, to be right in the middle of so much new, fresh love so often.

Valentine’s Day Kids Craft: Showing Love to Your Mother


Some of my favorite gifts from my children on Valentine’s Day have been homemade. I love the fun projects my children have made at school, or the homemade “I love You” cards. One memory I have as a child is making my mom a ceramic plaque and painting it. She kept it for years...

Pandas On A Sliding Board

by Someone tweeted this today and basically I am just posting it so I can look at it every day, for the rest of my life. Click the...

Where We Reinact New Order’s True Faith Video Really Badly

by Us. Trampoline Place. Jumping Around. The good news: No broken bones.


by I've had a toothache since Monday. Here, I drew you a picture. Much love, Felicia

do i love you more?


Nathaniel was born in 1998. Rachael came in 2001. Peyton arrived in 2003.

As my friend Robin likes to say, I made humans with my genitals.

As an adopted child with no way of finding the birth parents I felt profoundly moved the first time I held someone related to me by shared blood.

Nathaniel was a perfect first child. I was...

A Delicious New Year!

by One of my favorite things to do, is share the love of good food.  Being in the culinary business, I’m constantly surrounded by fabulous foodies, inspiring chef’s, passionate farmer’s, rancher’s and food artisans and in general, really great people.  I feel so blessed! This first post of 2013 is a sharing post, a thank you


by Five straight days of love from heaven!
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