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We can’t wait to go on another epic adventure like this one…


Then the earth moved


I have an embarrassing confession to make. I am incapable of sleeping in a bedroom if the wardrobe doors are open. I don’t know if it’s a leftover childhood fear of boogeymen hiding in the wardrobe or just a mild case of OCD. Whatever it is, I insist on closing all the wardrobe doors before I get into bed....

White Fish Florentine

by Life is not perfect.  But of course, we all know this right?   In fact, my life is messy (sometimes literally). Like many, I work diligently to keep it all together while raising a family, building a career and business and nurturing the important relationships in my life.  Let alone finishing the laundry, cleaning the bathrooms

5 jobs I would take even if they didn’t pay much


I have many friends who are writers, former associates of mine from my newspaper days. Writers, like so many others, are having a rough go of it lately, especially as so many journalists, writers, and reporters have found themselves without a printed publication to write for in the past few years. It makes for a very crowded, competitive playing...

The Saturday Post: Is Facebook changing our identity edition


The other day I was having trouble getting on Facebook, and it seemed the problem was with Facebook, not with me or my computer. I started thinking about how much I and nearly every single person and business I know has come to depend on Facebook.

Then I wondered what we would all do if Facebook crashed. For good. Or...

Book Review: The Good Live for Less by Amy Allen Clark


vic’s house (5/365)


On this cold, rainy January day, we went to my friend Victoria's incredibly warm cozy house for what must be one of the best homemade brunches of my life.

People, I ever turn up missing, look for me here.

Stylin’ grandsons


When I was a child, I don't recall ever going to a salon to get my hair cut. My mom cut it. I had long, straight hair, so it was fairly easy to trim up here and there. None of the styling sessions stand out as memorable except for one particularly disastrous cut when...

It’s the little things.

by It is. It’s the little things. MOST of the stuff of life are the quick moments. You almost miss them. These are a few of the little things for me lately. I like to think of these pictures as the moments when I pressed pause… Squeezing the kids in for a picture under the Christmas

It’s the little...

Reflections on 2012


Another year draws to a close, so I thought it would be nice to take a look back over 2012 here on It’s been a busy year here – I posted 175 new posts, and there were approximately 69,000 views of posts on this site over the year, according to a very snazzy report released by Thank...

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