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Author Bio: Personalized Calendar Just $5.32 Shipped


Right now you can head on over to to score a free calendar and to boot, you can even personalize your calendar with pictures and specific dates!

Shipping starts at $5.32, so not too shabby for your very own personalized calendar! And, what a great...

Handprint Calendars: A Crafty Way to Ring in 2013


If you’re a Pinterest-er, it’s likely you’ve seen these pop up calendars before. Although we’re going to confess, right off the bat, that even though your DIY version may not come off exactly like the ones that you’ve pinned, these handprint calendars are a fun New...

8 Movies To Avoid While You’re Snowed In

by Happy Boxing Day  Day After Christmas  Birthday, Jared Leto and Lars Ulrich December 26!  For many of you (and yours truly) it is a day to hunker down and wait out an epic winter storm.  And for many of you that is a serene, peaceful idea — gazing out a frosted windowpane onto the glowing breast

Please support...

Probably the worst idea ever

by The number of things wrong with this is so high that it makes the concept of infinity seem tiny.

Helping Central Florida Families for the Holidays with a Little Help from a Lot of People


Source: Singh/Flickr

I shared that this holiday season I was fortunate to work on two holiday charitable giving opportunities with the help of some really great brands that want to support local...

Snowflakes for Sandy Hook

by I just got wind of the most beautiful idea - a group putting together a mountain of handmade snowflakes from children everywhere, to help decorate the new halls of the new school where the Sandy Hook elementary students will be returning after the...

Annual Virtual Gift Exchange: 3 Garnets & 2 Sapphires

by For the past two years, I've participated in a different kind of gift exchange.  It didn't require rushing out to the store to buy a gift or even purchasing one online. For that matter, it didn't even require money. The idea behind the Social Fabric Virtual Gift Exchange is an opportunity to exchange one...



I have spent 20 years working for social change, and I have come to realize that we need to find new ways to reach people, let them know what’s at stake, and inspire them to action.

Just look at our budget debate. Even though progressives may win on taxes, the conversation is still dominated by out-of-touch deficit hawks who have no...

Fisher-Price Servin’ Surprises Kitchen & Table Review

by Who says cooking is just for girls? Certainly not me. I love the idea of boys (and adult men) knowing how to cook. When my son was younger, he enjoyed watching me in the kitchen and helping out by stirring eggs or getting ingredients out the fridge. Now that he's older, he now wants to learn how to "cook"...

Family Travel Tips for the Holiday


It’s the time of year when many families will be traveling far and near. To keep with the excitement rather than frustration, planning ahead can definitely help lessen the amount of catastrophes you might face. I tend to be high strung so there really is no other way for me.

Below are some helpful tips – whether traveling by air...

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