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vic’s house (5/365)


On this cold, rainy January day, we went to my friend Victoria's incredibly warm cozy house for what must be one of the best homemade brunches of my life.

People, I ever turn up missing, look for me here.

…And Some of You Just Eat Chicken Soup


I just want to get a cold like a normal person.

I want my husband...

All you need is love

by The earliest memory I have of my dad is him choking me up against a wall at a train station. The last time I saw him, he slapped me across the face. His memory barely survives anymore, but still haunts me, when I tell the crazy story once every few years to an inquiring mind, or when my mother...


by Phew I been so busy I feel like my head is spinning!!! I didnt mean to not post, my life has went into overdrive with my new business, Abel and Maddy are growing so fast. Where has the time went. Well I will fill you in. My halfway house business called "Abels House" is doing awesome!! i am in...

Since the whole house is already littered with it

by My girls have been trying to send me a message.

Wordless Wednesday: A New Year’s Day Run


I didn’t have an exciting New Year’s Eve, because I was out cold by eleven o’clock. I had to work early on New Year’s Day. But when I got home, I knew I had to run. I wasn’t going to run for a “resolution kind of thing”...

Amana Washer Dryer Giveaway!


My laundry room is sort of a mud room, which is a term I only recently learned from getting older and having friends with larger houses. The photo on the left is an example from my dear friend Martha Stewart, whose home to which I have been...

Visit the Pots Family at The Oregon Garden


Pete Pot, Patty Pot and Clay Pot are all bundled up for the winter, and are awaiting your visit to the Children's Garden! Come to the Garden to dig for dinosaur bones, play in the hobbit house and visit the Pots family, all in the Children's...

My Goal for 2013: To Keep Blogging, Like It’s 2003


Entering my 10th year of blogging (seriously, it was hard enough for me to admit/accept my kids entering their double-digits)  I often times compare maintaining a blog to that of nurturing a child:  just imagine if parenting came with spell-check and a delete button, eh?

Some years are more difficult than others, then there are those times when the...

Flashback Friday: And so That was Christmas*


This morning over cereal, my sons conducted a post-mortem review of Christmas.

At first, Holden ran to the homemade advent calendar and rearranged the order of some of our activities. He objected to my sequencing and spacing. He wanted to front-load a few things and move them closer together.

He also asked if he could write in a few more...

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