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by In honor of reaching 100 Facebook “likes” for my blog page, and to celebrate my new endeavors with Lilla Rose, I have decided to do a giveaway! Head on over to my blog Facebook page or to my new Lilla Rose Facebook … Continue reading →

Oh, Facebook…you win.


Remember last month when Facebook sent me a targeted eBay ad specifically for me, and it was for the ass of a squirrel sticking out of a wall?  And I wrote about it and then Facebook decided to double down so the next week they sent me an ad for the taxidermied ass of a larger animal.  And then Victor told...

McDreamy Is Really A What???




Meet Jeremy Meeks. Recently, his picture received over 15,000 LIKES and 3,700 comments on a Facebook page. BUT don’t let those eyes fool you Mamas, this McDreamy is more like a McFelon because his picture was posted on the Stockton Police Department Facebook page. IF you’re interested in meeting Meeks it may cost you a whopping...

Boobs, Brains, and Blog Posts That Make Me Scream


Just like you, my Facebook newsfeed is filled with link after link asking me to watch a stunning (Really! You have to see it to believe it!) video or read about an amazing kid who can sing the National Anthem backward in five languages. I usually just scroll past...

Free Crock Pot Seasoning Mix Packet


I love using my crockpot. Any meal I can throw in that puppy, I am completely game for. Sometimes, though the meat can get a little bland, which is why I am so excited to try a FREE seasoning packet for crock pot cooking.

To get...

FREE 20-Page 8×11 Shutterfly Personalized Wedding Guestbook (Just Pay Shipping)


Looking for a great deal on a photo book? Head over to the Shutterfly Facebook page where you can score a 20-Page Shutterfly Personalized 8×11 Wedding Guestbook or Design Your Own Hardcover Photo Book for free!

Head here and “Like” Shutterfly on Facebook Claim...

Picking party-favors that won’t make other parents roll their eyes


“When my child comes home from a birthday party, I let him show me his party favor bag, and then we carefully sort the items into his existing collections. We have a shelf for plastic pencil toppers, a small basket for erasers that are too small to erase anything,...

Omaha Steaks Will Make Father’s Day Dinner Easy!


We may not get to do it as often as I would like, but I enjoy a nice dinner out.  My husband doesn’t care that much and I think it does it just to make me happy.

A week or so ago I was on Facebook and saw a post from...

Start-Ups are so Fickle

by No matter what anyone says about Facebook and Twiiter, at least they are long-lasting. Hence:...

Join Me on My #30SummerDays Photography Challenge



I’m so excited to introduce you to the #30SummerDays Photography Challenge. By the way, I received a Samsung NX300 camera from Staples in exchange for participating in this 30 day challenge…and (most exciting!) I get to give away the SAME CAMERA (but a new one…not mine) to one of my readers at the...

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