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8 St. Patrick’s Day Food & Recipes


St. Patrick’s Day is Sunday, March 17, 2013. While I was growing up, I just remembered to wear green so that I wouldn’t get pinched!  Now, I am happy that (in addition to making sure that my sons wear green) I can prepare some special St. Patrick’s Day treats for the boys. My chef friend Mike Petti talked me...

A Limerick a Day – Day 4 – If the Shoe Doesn’t Fit…


I’m pretty sure this won’t be news to any moms out there, but scientists have now confirmed that a woman’s feet grow larger as a result of pregnancy.

It appears that fallen arches and a higher risk of arthritis are also unfortunate byproducts of carrying our beautiful bundles o’ joy.


A Limerick a Day – Day 3 – A Dirty Limerick


On Day 3 of my self-imposed “A Limerick A Day” challenge, I give you verse featuring a topic some of you may know well.

This morning, as I went to yell at remind my 13-year-old to clean her room for the gazillionth time, I...

March Photo a Day Challenges


If you love snapping photos and catching memories but sometimes get a little burned out, a photo-a-day challenge can be a great way to keep your creativity going. We rounded up some great March Photo a Day Challenges for you to shake it up!

Once again, Fat Mum Slim delivers a great March photo challenge. Take a look at her site...

Top O’ the Morning: An LA St. Patty’s Day Weekend


We’re as health conscious as the next juice bar frequenting, kale chomping Los Angeles parent.  We try to avoid the day-glo foods.  But there’s something about St. Patty’s Day that just cries for you to reach for the food coloring and turn everything green.  So after that breakfast of green...

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Windy City Style

by Bye bye, party bus and hangovers that last well into the night. This year, we’re doing St. Patrick’s day family style. What we’ll miss in green beer, we’ll make up for in celebratory spirit. After all, Chicago is finally awakening from hibernation and rising to the occasion with kid-friendly activities. From the famous river dying to parades to Irish...

St. Patricks T-Shirts


Here’s a nightmare for you.

You have a crazy busy week and you space that it’s St. Patricks Day. And then you send your poor innocent little children off to school NOT WEARING GREEN. That’s not going to be a recess they’ll want to remember.

Check out these adorable DIY St. Patricks t-shirts from eighteen25. The shirts are adorable and... St. Patrick’s Day T-Shirts Just $7.98 Shipped


Are you or is someone you know a huge fan of St. Patirck's Day? If so, head on over to where right now you can score your choice of seven different St. Patty's day t-shirts for only $5.99! Shipping will run...

Top 5 St Patricks Day Destinations


How are you going to celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day? Here’s a list of the top 5 St. Patrick’s Day Destinations in the United States.

Chicago, Illinois Watch the St. Patrick’s Day parade in downtown Chicago after watching...

Kid-Friendly Lunch: A Valentine’s Day Lunch


Obviously Madeline is my favorite school-aged valentine. She was on the lookout for Love in every meal...

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