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Things I’ve Learned This Week


** Much to my surprise, the New Year’s Day puker turned out to be neither my husband nor me, but rather, my daughter.

** There’s just never enough sleep to go around.

** An overnight getaway would be cheaper than taking three kids to the movies.

** My son’s decided...

Unlikely Celebrity Parents Who Don’t Make Us Weep For The Future Of Humanity

by You know what we don’t judge enough? Other people’s parenting. In efforts to remedy this situation (I’m a giver), I busied my young son with a wood-burning kit near the new polyester drapes and gave my teenage daughter some gas money and a tube top before sitting down to do some internet research on what

Please support...

Sweet 16 – Give Me Your Best Shot #PSF


I am still having a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that I have a a 16 year old daughter. How in the world have 16 Christmases gone by since that Christmas Eve that I welcomed my first daughter into my life?

I am also amazed at how...

What to do on bedrest: Cara’s tips


Cara is a contributor to our other blog, {510} Families, and is fast becoming an expert not on “what to do with (and without!) your baby,” but rather, “what to do while pregnant and on bedrest when you have another child.”  She offered to share her lessons learned with us.

Beyond the Tuna Sandwich: 7 Kid-Friendly Tuna Fish Recipes!


Source: Dinner Series/Flickr

Editor’s note: Our tuna fish week continues, with a look at some kid-friendly tuna fish recipes that...

How To Avoid Getting Sick Around The Holidays


Let’s face it, nobody wants to spend the holidays in bed sick. Seven months ago, my 22-year-old daughter was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She has spent those months undergoing chemotherapy. As she draws near the end of her treatments, she...

Maybe Not Everything is a Teachable Moment


Hi Readers — Believe it or not, this isn’t even a post about Sandy Hook. It’s about Tony Hawks and a photo he posted of himself skateboarding as he swung his 4-year-old daughter, who was not wearing a helmet.

I believe in helmets. I love them. I make my kids wear them. But I do not believe that seeing one...

I Breastfed For A Year & All I Got Was…


I breastfed for a year, and all I got was this stinkin’… wait — scratch that.

What I got, was an incredible sense of gratification, a gorgeous healthy baby, and the chance to form an intensely-special bond with my daughter. Among other things.

So happy...


by Dressing like I've earned the right to be my mother's daughter.

Funny Stuff a Mom Has to Deal With


Written by Role Mommy Guest Contributor, Allen Jennifer.

Roseanne Barr once said, "I know how to do anything - I'm a mom." And being spit-up on, puked on or peed on is only the beginning of the...

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