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But I don’t WANT to be Jenny when I grow up.


The beautiful thing about Jenny’s and my relationship is that we have nothing in common.

See that coffee picture up there? That’s not ACTUALLY our coffee, but it is representative of the coffee we both drink.

She’s the yin to my yang, the peanut butter to my jelly, the salt...

Save Money on Coffee: Practicing What I Preach


You know how I save money on coffee? By practicing what I preach here on Suddenly Frugal. That is, I brew my coffee at home every morning. Which is why when I discovered these newfangled "tabs" at Panera Bread, they blew me away.You might also enjoy (Note: Some offers may have expired)

Getting a mouth ready for Valentine’s day


I’ve put those trays on my teeth some evenings to brighten my smile.  Discolored teeth are so unattractive, but tough when you like coffee, tea and red wine like I do. “HMM, MAYBE I DID DRINK TOO MUCH RED WINE … Continue reading →

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Random Tuesday Thoughts – Coffee and Laxatives

by   If any of you follow me on Facebook you’d have noticed my life was stabbed in the butt yesterday by what some are saying could be an evil spirit with a vendetta against me (or it was my...

Thank Goddess It’s Friday

by Thank goddess it’s Friday. How was your week? Mine was busy. And now I have an equally busy weekend ahead. Maybe I should start a thank goddess it’s Sunday column too. No doubt, coffee keeps me going all seven days. And on the days I need some extra support, I drink my coffee from my grandmother’s cup. Then I...

Three words: Fueled by coffee


A coffee box fuels Bubby's early morning imagination — Jan. 29, 2013

Today's question:

How do you make your coffee (coffee pot, Keurig, Starbucks) and how do you take your coffee (black or add-ins)?

Two One Dollar Coffee Deals


If you’ve been reading Suddenly Frugal for awhile, then you know I’m a huge coffee lover. I got to bed at night excited to get up the next morning and have my coffee. And because I like to get my coffee as frugally as possible, I promote the notion of brewing it at home whenever possible–as I discussed in...

365 Frugality Tips Brew Coffee at Home


Today's 365 frugality tips, as part of my Year of Renewed Frugality (or YRF), focuses on brewing coffee at home. You may be surprised how this one simple change can add up to huge savings. We're talking thousands of dollars a year!You might also enjoy (Note: Some offers may have expired)365 Frugality...

Starbucks gives you one more reason to drink too many caramel lattes – reusable cups

by As someone who has greatly increased my Starbucks consumption as of late, I was thrilled to hear the news that this week, they introduced $1 reusable cups to help cut down all that paper waste.

New $1.50/2 Nescafe Momentos Coupon Available


Woo hoo! Head on over to Coupon Network to snag a new coupon for $1.50 off when you buy any TWO NESCAFÉ® Memento Products.

If you haven't had a chance to try these, they are awesome and great for on...

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