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The Art of Letting Go


When I was six my sister got married. Soon after, there was a holiday or some other reason the whole family was together for a meal, (my memory is foggy, it could have just been a Tuesday)and my sister and her new husband weren’t there because they were with his family.

Christmas still happened even though I forgot to be neurotic about it.


A couple weeks ago, I wrote about the fact that I had forgotten to be neurotic about Christmas this year. I wasn’t in my usual state of panic, for whatever reason.

You guys are never going to believe this. Christmas still happened anyway.

And it was actually pretty great.

The kids didn’t flip out because we didn’t do Advent activities every...

Weekend Reading From Blogelina #14


Happy Friday all! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas this past Wednesday. I know we had one less week between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, but it’s hard to believe that Christmas is now in the rear view mirror and we are now staring down 2014. I’m sure many of you were either busy traveling this week or...

Wordless Christmas


I’ve been thinking a lot about happiness lately. What makes people happy…how to make myself happy…how to make others happy. If only we could capture that Christmas morning feeling every day.

Enjoy as my children come down the stairs on Christmas morning 2013. It needs no words.

Christmas was Merry. And then the puke started.


Happy Boxing Day! Whatever that means. One of you can educate me in the comments, I’m cleeeaarly not British. But I am hoping that you & yours had a Merry Christmas and made some awesome memories with your families. Ours was good on the whole, but all...

Visions of Sugarplums


I realize I’m probably going to have to answer for things like this—putting plaid Christmas pajamas on my lethargic Basset Hounds on Christmas Eve—in the hereafter. But I just can’t help myself. Look at those little snaps! Look how adorable he looks! And look how happy he is!

Never mind...

Weekend Fun for NYC Kids: Kwanzaa, Last-Chance Holiday Fun, Pirate School!, Seal Watch December 28-29


Christmas is behind us and we're all looking forward to the New Year. But first, this weekend brings some great seasonal celebrations like the American Museum of Natural History's annual Kwanzaa festival, frosty fun at the Bronx Zoo's Wildlife Ice Carving Week, hands-on holiday projects at the New York Hall of Science's ReMake the...

Christmas countdown


I’m a mother of two you know, so sometimes I fall into the trap of thinking I know what I’m at with this parenting lark. Two Christmases ago we had a total meltdown on Christmas Eve because the build up to Christmas went on too long and it all got a bit much for a two year old.


Unabashedly Wishing You a Happy Holiday


My Kids in Front of An Evergreen Tree. Joke-Lighten Up.;) 

In case you  missed it, I started working at a church. Yes, me, the eternal questioner is now in charge of molding the minds of young Catholics. Wanna...

When Santa Has to Move to Plan F


I’m tired. Are you tired? You know what I’m most tired of? Thinking about toys.

As if we don’t have enough toys in our house already, we have 2 birthdays and Christmas in our house all within 41 days of each other. So, that equals a LOT of toys.

And, the worst part of it all? Is that I stress about...

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