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Colgate Mouthwash Helps Us Swish for Wishes


The Make-A-Wish Foundation is one of those great charities I love to support and pray every day I never need to use. Make-A-Wish will grant a wish to a child diagnosed with a life-threatening disease on the average of every 38 minutes. Why wouldn’t I want to support that?

When Colgate announced they were...

Inspiring Mom: PregPrep Co-Founder Dr. Lara Oboler


As a top cardiologist in her field, Dr. Lara Oboler has spent her entire career saving lives. Little did she know that a discovery she made while trying to get pregnant would lead to a successful family business that focuses on bringing new lives...

Tips to Staying Calm, Focused and Productive at Work
 (no matter where work is!)


Written by Maren Showkeir 
Co-author (with Jamie Showkeir)
Yoga Wisdom at Work: Finding Sanity Off the Mat and On the Job (Berrett-Koehler, May 2013, $15.95)

Most people are familiar with the physical practice of yoga but know little about the philosophical foundation on...

Cardamom and Ginger Spiced Yogurt Sauce

by I’ve been a member of several book clubs over the years.  Each time, I joined with the exuberance of puppy playing with a new bone.  Excited about all the new books I’d be discovering and reading, all the new friendships to be made and girlfriend time to be savored. Unfortunately each time, my enthusiastic participation

The Mom, Her Junior High Son & The Ladies’ Bathroom


Hi Readers — Mothers bringing their older sons into the ladies room seems to be more common these days, unless maybe I’m just more aware of it because of this blog and my own take on things. Is it on the rise, in tandem with worst-first thinking? Really like to hear your take on it. –  L. 

Dear Free-Range Kids:...

How We Celebrate Asian Lunar New Year as a Mixed Race Family

by I'm SO excited that February is here because that means I can join my Asian friends in celebrating the Asian Lunar New Year. I'm sure some of you are thinking, don't I mean "Chinese" new year? Well yes and no. While many people know that this month is Chinese New Year, many don't know that other Asian...

Elsewhere on the Internets


As you may know, recently I joined the team at as a contributing writer for their blog, Word of Mom. I just wanted to take a moment to share a few of my recently published articles. I would greatly appreciate your support if you could take a moment to visit one or two (or ALL) of...

the rising cost of travel


It costs a lot the go to the blogging conferences.

There used to be just a couple. Now there’s at least one “biggie” a month. Then you factor in flight, hotel, registration, food and all the extras one spends at a conference.

Now multiply that times two.

That what it costs for me to go an event.

Granted, i don’t pay two hotel...

Invisalign: the final post


It’s been a learning journey.

An older shot before but you can really see the teeth!

I’d like to say it’s all been easy but, like most things with teenagers, it wasn’t.  Invisalign has had its benefits and...

White Fish Florentine

by Life is not perfect.  But of course, we all know this right?   In fact, my life is messy (sometimes literally). Like many, I work diligently to keep it all together while raising a family, building a career and business and nurturing the important relationships in my life.  Let alone finishing the laundry, cleaning the bathrooms
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