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My Almost-Teenage Son. Eek! #WordlessWednesday


Tomorrow, my oldest son (baby #3) will wake up as a 12 year old. It’s already bad enough that he’s growing about a foot a month and is in high school math at the middle school.

Sigh. There’s no avoiding or denying it now. I’m about to have a teenage boy in the house.


How to Make Your Super Bowl Party Super Fun


We may have ditched our raucous Super Bowl parties and bar hopping for a more subdued Super Bowl Sunday at home, but this behemoth of an American holiday is still certainly filled with food, drinks (both adult and of the mocktail-variety) and screaming at the TV. And, just because your kid might not know what “third and ten” means,...

Take Off: A First Class Second Birthday Party


When it comes to things little boys love, airplanes are usually high up on the list. Caiden, son of creative mama extraordinaire Suzie, is no exception. Caiden and his mom have spent many days at Santa Monica's Observation Deck admiring the planes so when it came down to throwing her son's second birthday party, creating an...

Things That Are Awesome


For some reason, I have reached the level of tired today where even staring at the computer screen takes too much energy. But I have a few good things to share, so I’m lifting my weary fingers and tapping out a blog post. I have also been the most impatient ever today, but I think that has something to...

A First Birthday Party With a Taste of Korean Culture


Just when we think we’ve seen every amazing birthday party theme, this 1st birthday brings us a taste of Korean culture.  We have seen the increasing popularity of all things Korean, including PSY and his Gangnam style and the...

It Still Happened — I’m Trying to Break the Oversharing Habit


If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Or, how about this…

If a birthday party, or a delicious meal, or a family outing takes place, but it isn’t Tweeted, Instagrammed, or Facebooked — did it really happen?

While I know in my head and heart that the...

Hold the Sugar: Fun Fruit Mosaics To Mix Up Snack Time


What is it about arranging food into fun patterns and shapes that suddenly makes it all the more appetizing to our picky little eaters? While healthy dishes like fruit platters normally go unnoticed at birthday parties or family gatherings, create a fun shape using the same fruit and magically your kiddo can't resist grabbing a handful. We've gathered...

Introducing My New Puppy…


I haven’t been here for weeks because I’ve been busy wrestling my demons. The grief monster swallowed me whole and I’ve been fighting depression demons as well.

I needed some time to think dark thoughts, cry painful tears and to just absorb the still I found myself surrounded with after...

One Cool Thing: A Perfect Party in a Box


Let's be honest -- planning the perfect birthday party for our little ones is a pretty daunting task. Between rounding up Pinterest-worthy decorations, preparing kid-approved food, and thinking up fun games and activities, it's enough to drive us crazy. Luckily, we've found a great company that gives us a hand in creating the perfect birthday party for the kiddos.

Julia Groberg Blair


Today is the 80th birthday of Julia Groberg Blair. Julia is the 2nd oldest of 11 siblings. The mother of 8 (Ben Blair is #7). The grandmother of 33. The great grandmother of 3. And a terrific mother-in-law.

Julia has been a teacher for most of her adult life. She...

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