r u a Mom?

I believe that mothers are generally under-appreciated and often misunderstood, particularly by traditional media. But thanks to many women through their blogs and social media activity, people are provided an alternative — diverse, unique, real and interesting stories by moms.

With that, MomsWhoBlog.com was created to bring additional awareness to the many moms who are blogging and the topics they write about. It brings together excerpts (only) of various stories written by moms who are blogging.

This is an open invitation to all mothers with a blog.
If you would like excerpts of your blog posts promoted by MomsWhoBlog, just complete this short form.

What does it mean for you?
You’ll get additional exposure and hopefully some new readers and followers. Occasionally your story title will be tweeted, a link posted on the MomsWhoBlog Facebook Page, an excerpt & link emailed to subscribers, and be the ‘Featured’ Story on the site. Month after month tens of thousands of people have clicked to read a story posted on the blogs of many moms from this activity.

How does it work?
You don’t need to do anything. We subscribe to your RSS feed. The title of your posts, the first 180 characters only, and if an image is available, all from your RSS feed, display on the site. Anyone who clicks a link is brought directly to the post on your site. You own your content, we just highlight the excerpt and point to your blog for the full story.

What’s in it for me?
My belief is that by bringing together a collection stories in this manner, people interested in moms and motherhood will find the site a useful place to get an overview of what is topical at the moment and easily find writers that resonate with them. Businesses hopefully will also take interest and want to participate in the community. With that, I hope to be able to create and bring moms new opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t come along.

Many of the moms who blog, some I’m sure you know, have been very supportive – check out some of them who are Facebook Fans.

If this seems cool, get included by adding yourself here. Your questions and feedback are very welcomed! info[at]momswhoblog[dot]com
Happy to talk if you wish, 973.380.0070.

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Do you know other moms that should be included? If so, please send them this page link.

Thanks for the consideration and your support if you choose so.

Jennifer LoBianco

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