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How to Display Artwork Creatively


Buying artwork can be magical, but often when we get it home we are not sure what to do with it. With a husband as an artist, I am hoping that I can inspire you with a few of the things that I have done at my home with the artwork that passes through my door.

How to Find and Follow Artists


It is easier now than ever before to find and follow an artist. My husband,Geoff Krueger, is an artist and has found that his interaction with clients over the last 10 years has grown tremendously because of the internet. People can now find him, and that has been amazing! To get an email from someone half...

Relationships: Married to an Artist


Somehow I married an artist. I didn’t mean to–it just kind of happened. In my many years of singleness I dated a surfer, a med student, a developer, and others…but never anyone quite like Geoff. I was drawn to him immediately. He was interesting and different,...

Prom: How to Make High School Prom Fun On A Budget


It’s prom season again and sometimes that makes us think of one word- EXPENSIVE! The tux or dress, flowers, tickets, shoes and hair. It all adds up! Here are just a few ideas that can make your child’s prom meal feel like an expensive affair but actually is a little easier...

How to Make Our Relationships Better With Teens


I am the mother of two fabulous teenagers. Yes… they are fabulous! I love the energy they have and the people they are becoming. I even like the struggles that often present themselves. I feel like I learn...

Community: Volunteer Places and Opportunities for Seniors


I have had the great pleasure of helping a wonderful neighbor of mine through a huge life transformation. He is 64, has Cerebral Palsy, and has lived across the street until last year.

After his 93 year-old mother passed away,...

Hobbies and Projects: Creating an Art Mosaic


A few years ago I decided I wanted to learn how to mosaic. I was inspired by an artist’s work that was showing at the Laguna Festival of Art in CA. She had taken common household items, like tea pots and vases, and  covered them with bits of broken pottery. She also used all sorts of interesting things, from dice to small children’s toys....

Holiday Gifts: Last Minute Gift Ideas for Family and Friends


If you are looking for a last minute Christmas gift that you can whip together for neighbors or friends, these ideas might be the ticket for you!

Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas Caroling Kit

First up is a Caroling Kit. Start with a copy of all of your favorite...

Holiday Traditions: Writing Poems for Christmas Gifts


What do you do when the kids start growing up and the magic is beginning to fade on Christmas morning? Tired of the same old routine? Get up, experience a wild fury of paper and presents, then it’s done! What can you do? Add present poems!

This is a fantastic way to bring the spirit of Christmas back and help you connect...

Holiday Music: Madrigal Singers Help People Get Into the Holiday Spirit


Nothing helps bring the Christmas spirit like festive music. Each year at Boise High School, the Madrigal and A Capella choirs create a renaissance-era dinner in the old Boise High gymnasium with beautiful music and delicious food.

It is always held...

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