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9 Easter Brunch Potato Recipes


Planned your Easter menu yet?

Don’t forget the potatoes! If you’re looking to mix it up this year and make a change from your traditional potato casserole, keep reading for 9 Easter Brunch Potato Recipes that might just keep the bunny at your house until breakfast.

Happy Easter!

Hashbrown & Egg Nests from Lauren’s Latest

Potato, Ham and Cheese Bake...

7 Easter Games for Families


We’re really pumped up about Easter over here.

But when the big day arrives, and your kids are hopped up on chocolate bunny ears and out of their minds by 10:30 in the morning, it might be a long day. Like real long.

You might want to plan some games. Just saying.

Keep reading for 7 Easter Games for Families and keep them...

Giveaway: The Caillou Talking Doll


Sponsored Giveaway from The Caillou Talking Doll:

Let me just start this post off by proclaiming my love for Caillou.

Some shows for preschoolers showcase a life lesson wrapped up in stories told through talking stuffed animals. Other shows seem to miss the life lesson, don’t make a lot of sense and provide parents with 24 minutes of silence. And then...

Hip Hop and Booty Shorts


I took my five year old to a trial hip-hop dance class today. Admittedly, she was one of the younger ones in the class but as we walked into the classroom, I was instantly struck by the number of seven year old girls displaying bedazzled booty shorts.

The very short  shorts that I used to wear in college around campus...

11 Easy Easter Dessert Recipes


Let’s face it. When you’re stuffing plastic eggs and trying to find great hiding place around the house and yard that will prove to be tricky, but not so tricky that you find a stray in October, the last thing you need to make is a complicated Easter dessert.

Keep reading for 11 Easy Easter Dessert Recipes that will round...

7 Themed Easter Basket Ideas


What happens to your kids after you load them up on sugar? Do they make their bed and pick up their room or do they launch themselves around the house like little ping pong balls?  Right, ping pong balls it is. So instead of setting yourself up for a REALLY long day on Easter after you pack a basket...

7 Vitamix Recipes


I was at Costco today with my appliance obsessed toddler. With a true passion for all things that blend, nothing makes him quite as happy as the Vitamix demonstration. As I patiently watched frozen goodness be created before my eyes, I noticed an older gentleman place a Vitamix in his cart. The Vitamix demonstrator took a break from her...

7 Easter Dessert Recipes


That bunny will be hipping and hopping on over to your house before you know it. Start planning now for that big Easter gathering and plan out that dessert table!

Keep reading for 7 Easter Dessert Recipes to wow your bunny loving crowd.


Marshmallow Easter Critters from Martha Stewart

Easter Chick Cookies from Diamonds for Dessert

Cookie Butter...

7 Stuffed Cupcake Recipes


This week I’ve written about stuffed cookies, stuffed brownies, and now I think it’s time to bring out the stuffed cupcakes. There’s nothing like a little filling surprise squishing out of a homemade cupcake. Keep reading for 7 Stuffed Cupcake Recipes that will wow your little cupcake monsters.


Stuffed Cookie Dough Cupcakes from Young Married Chic

Tagalong Peanut...

7 Stuffed Brownie Recipes


Yesterday I wrote all about the magic of stuffed cookies. DELISH.  Stuffed desserts are magic. So let’s not leave all the fun to the cookies.

Brownies LOVE to be stuffed!  Keep reading for 7 Stuffed Brownie Recipes and pack those brownies full of love.


Girl Scout Cookie-Stuffed Brownies from The Smart Cookie Cook

Snickers Stuffed Brownie Cups from

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