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Bottle Feeding a “From the Tap” Baby


My son is three months old, and he’s our third baby. I’ve had friends that have had to perform a Consumer Reports style focus group on a variety of nipples to convince their babies that they do in fact love to drink out of bottles. And then I’ve had friends who have had babies who won’t take a bottle...

5 Nursery Organization Tips with Playtex Baby™ Diaper Genie Complete


Babies go through an astounding amount of diapers. When we brought my daughter home from the hospital, there was one afternoon where I changed her and we went through six diapers before I even got her back off the changing table. Total rookie new mom move.

Now that I’ve moved on to diapering my third baby, I’ve got it down to...

A New Baby Favorite! The Boppy® Newborn Lounger


When we had our first baby, she had the full baby equipment treatment. The swing, the bouncer seat, the vibrating baby seat, the activity center, the play mat, you name it, that kid had it. We rotated her little diaper booty from snuggles to baby equipment to snuggles to more baby equipment.

Fast forward seven years later to the birth...

Chuck E. Cheese’s Tax Day BOGO Offer


My kids can literally not think of anything better than a trip to Chuck E. Cheese’s. With tokens filling their little palms and the sounds of games dinging in the background, it’s pure kid magic. Paying taxes doesn’t hold the same magical feeling for grown-ups. But the good news this tax season is that Chuck E. Cheese’s...

Tonight We Sleep 7-Day Challenge


Our third baby was welcomed into our home with two older siblings and two dogs who bark freely every time they think that a squirrel may be within two miles of our house. While our home may be filled with love and happiness, it’s not really filled with what you might call a sleep-inducing environment.

When JOHNSON’S® sent me their...

Giveaway: A new must have product for pregnancy!


When my first child was born in 2009, I was all about stretch mark prevention. I was on it, I was diligent, I was obsessed. I read, I researched, and I lathered. And guess what? It wasn’t that great. I would slather on that greasy cream and slide into bed like a well-oiled farm animal. In fact, I was...

Kid-Friendly Organization Eases Back-to-School Stress


By Lea Schneider

Anyone who has tried to get children ready for school on time knows it’s the perfect occasion to dust off the old analogy about herding cats. I’ve sometimes thought that cats would actually be easier—I can’t imagine seeing one cat in a mismatched outfit while trying to help another find their missing papers and hearing the third...

4 Exciting Family Vacation Ideas Around the World


If you’ve decided it’s time to get more foreign stamps in your passport and explore the world with your children, here are some ideas of family-friendly overseas destinations. What they have in common is that communication won’t be an issue as English is either the country’s official language or widely...

5 Outrageously Unique Activities to Try in Las Vegas


Kid-Friendly Attractions


Las Vegas is known for its bright lights, sprawling casinos, and larger-than-life attractions. With the city’s over-the-top attitude, it’s no surprise that Las Vegas offers plenty of unique activities. If you and your family are feeling adventurous, try one of these experiences the next time you travel to Las...

5 Reasons to Visit Las Vegas for the Holidays


Family-Friendly Holiday Destinations

When most people think of winter travel, they envision holiday fun near a fireplace, complete with a cup of hot cocoa. This year, why not try something different? Leave your snow boots at home, pack your sunglasses, and head to Las Vegas with the family to celebrate the holiday...

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