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5 One Pot Dinners Your Family Will Love


These meals are easy, and pretty.

One Pan Pasta from Lottie and Doof


One Pot Zucchini Mushroom Pasta from Damn Delicious


Peanut Thai Pasta...

Hilarious Back to School Video


Back to school is full of a range of emotions . . . including liberation! These moms nailed the glory of the child free Target outing!

An Emergency C-Section in Photos


You’re usually not planning on it.  In fact, on your first one, you’ve got a plan for something very much the opposite. Here’s what it looks like when you move from one birthing scenario to the other.

This mother-to-be from Loveland, CO found herself in the delivery room after her water broke 1 month early. As labor progressed, the baby’s...

Get 5 FREE Pairs of Baby Leggings!


Use the promo code: TODAYSMAMA2 to get 5 pairs of baby leggings for FREE!


Use them for your own kids or tuck them away for quick baby shower gifts – it’s a great deal and they are adorable!


Tired of the helpless Dad persona in the media? Cheerios commercial nails it


Let’s face it. Dad’s have got the short end of the stick when it comes to how they are portrayed in the media. Fumbling, bumbling, helpless, clueless, dads.

The reality today is that dads spend more time with their kids and partnering on household tasks than ever. I’m confidant my husband has changed more diapers than I have.  As a...

New on Netflix August 2014


Our Top Picks 

Freaky Friday

The Rocky Series Adrian!!! Back when Sylvester’s face was normal.

Turner and Hooch

Ella Enchanted

Parenthood Season 5 We’ve been waiting! Bravermans! My husband cries...

Sweet Daddy Daughter Cover of Tonight You Belong to Me


If this doesn’t make you smile I don’t know what will.

12 Brilliant Dessert Hacks


Sometimes you run across brilliance. We think these dessert hacks are just that, pure dessert brilliance. Enjoy!

Perfect Ice Cream Sandwiches



S’moreos from




Christmas in July Swimsuit Giveaway


Every December I tell myself that I’m going to knock out a little bit of my Christmas shopping the following summer.  I devise a strategy in my mind to shop the summer clearance racks, to hide away gifts in my parents basement, and to save myself some of the madness that ensues during the holidays.

With that in mind, we’re...

Things You Can’t Do When You’re Not a Toddler


Sometimes kids can be . . . rude.

Which also reminds me of this hilarious bit by Jim Gaffigan when he was on The Tonight Show:

I’m just entering the stage where my kids are telling me that...

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