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Once upon a time, there was a girl.

She blogged – a lot.

And then she decided to take her lifelong love of writing a step further.

So she decided to write a book.

She hated saying the words, “I’m writing a book,” because they sounded pretentious. Fake. Ridiculous. Who actually writes a book?

Then she realized that she had a story to tell.




Well, I’m fairly certain that this is the longest lapse in posts that this blog has ever seen. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say; on the contrary, I have a lot to say. I’m just busy. It’s nice to say that I have too much to write about and not enough time. I freelance for two...

Work, Tabata, ALL THE BURPEES.


Well, it’s me. Here I am, at my sad, lonely, little blog. I’m not even sure that anyone reads this anymore. I feel kind of bad for neglecting it so, but life has been busy.

I’ve been at my new job for about six weeks now, and I love it. I am challenged nearly every day and I am...

Run For Your Lives Recap


I first wrote about Run For Your Lives back in January when I made it part of my list of things to do before my twenties expire and my thirties begin. Well, Saturday was race day! I woke up that morning feeling horribly unprepared. I was certain that I hadn’t trained enough and that I was doomed....

Mumford & Sons, New Jobs, ZOMBIES.


So time has completely gotten away from me. The last month has been pretty hectic. My freelance writing has kind of blown up (I have another column I’m writing for, plus some side projects), I started a new job this week and, oh yeah,


My friend Stephanie and I headed...

Halfway to Thirty: A Twenties Bucket List Update


So back in January, just after my birthday, I wrote this post about making a “Twenties Bucket List”; a list of things I wanted to do before turning 30.

I’m happy to report that I have crossed off several of the things on the list and have several more items on my calendar so they will be happening...

Run For Your Lives’ 5k: Tips, Tricks, and a Discount Code


Remember the last time I posted I talked about a new project that I was working on? Well, after a week of juggling about a bajillion and one freelance projects, my column, and running my ass off I am finally sitting down and getting this written.

I’m excited and thrilled (and a little hungry, but that’s not really related...

Chicago, Concerts, ALL THE THINGS


Well, this is the longest I’ve gone without blogging here, I think. Like… Ever. It feels weird even typing; I feel almost estranged from my blog. No hard feelings, blog… Things have just been busy.

I’m still writing for, which takes up a lot of my free writing time and honestly a lot of my creative energy. My family...

Oh, here I am!


Well hi there! It’s been a long time since I blogged, but I have a good reason. I’ve been working on a new side writing gig – one that I’m very excited about! I have begun to write a bi-weekly column for a local e-news/lifestyle/entertainment website, The column is called (Im)perfect Parenting, and I’ve been working hard...

Where Are You Now?


When it comes to thinking about my mom, the things that make me cry are random and usually unexpected.

Tonight, it was the movie Brave.

I was watching it with my daughter when it got to the part where Merida has a flashback of her mother when Merida was little. There’s a thunderstorm, and Merida gets scared so she hurries to...

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