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Story claims single men adopting more, but is it true?


Single dads are adopting kids on their own. Photo credit: Dan Pearce/SingleDadLaughing Flickr

So, it seems that the Orlando Sentinel is trying to sell us on the notion that some non-gay men are adopting children simply because they...

Consequences of cheating in school


Recently, a high school student in Redwood City, California was caught cheating on a homework assignment in one of his sophomore classes. The behavior lead to a disciplinary action his father believes could cost him his future. Along with three other students the unidentified teen was demoted and placed in...

Homemaker vs. working mom debate resurrected


The latest round of the current stay-at-home-mom vs. working mother debate has been refueled. The latest mom choice scrutiny can be attributed to Hilary Rosen, a Democratic political analyst at CNN. Last week, Rosen said that Mitt Romney's wife, Ann Romney, has "never worked a day in her life".

The comment...

You pick: Save your husband or your child(ren)


In 2005, Ayelet Waldman, wife of fellow author Michael Chabon, wrote an essay that went viral and received scathing vitriol when the mother of four declared that she felt her relationship with her husband was more than the relationship with her own children, adding that she felt she could move...

War on school lunches turns into epic fail


Never before in modern history has the food police wielded so much power and control over what we eat, how we eat and when we eat. It's bad enough that childrens nutrition issues have plagued the 'mommy wars' over the last few decades, foisting superiority and self righteousness upon those poor...

7 really annoying mom-isms


Okay, so not the world's most original post -- since I've never written a post like it before, preferring instead to bitch about it to my husband whose typical response is, "Oh, I know!" I'm goin' for it.

So, here it is. The top seven most annoying phrases that silly moms...

Spring Fashions That Give Back


Every Friday my fashion blogging friends participate in a Fashion Friday linkup of (you guessed it) fashion posts from the week.  I don’t get the chance to participate often, but this week I have...

Thoughtful Thursday Blog Hop


Happy Thoughtful Thursday! So I have been thinking for a while of turning this hop into a blog prompt, where each week we set a topic for the following week’s post and link them up...

Tuesday Tunes for Freedom


Several of my blogfriends do a Tuesday Tunes link up each week with various songs that they are loving or that are hitting home with them on a particular day.  Most of the time I am...

Good moms don’t kill their kids


If you want to be a good mom, you should probably elect NOT to kill your children. Ever.

Kidding aside, it seems far too often I read stories about mothers murdering their children in cold blood and out of the blue, some asshole comes out and inevitably says, "I'm so shocked. She...

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