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An Awesome Movie for Back-to-School


A bright side to the lack of quality, new release films streaming on Netflix is that it’s forced us to dig deep in their inventory on the rare occasions we get to sit down as a family to watch a movie.

Lately I’ve been finding that documentaries make more interesting viewing with...

Raising Global Citizens (and Consumers) So K’Naan Doesn’t Need to Censor His Better Self


I’m struck by the recent op-ed by rapper-poet-pop star K’naan in the NY Times, “Censoring Myself for Success,” found here.  It made me sad – but wasn’t surprising – to read how music industry executives wanted him to water down his message and fascinating life story growing up in war-torn Mogadishu, Somalia, so that his now huge...

Post-Election 2012– Teaching Kids How to Respectfully Disagree


This morning, amidst the windy chill before the season’s first snow, the children standing in line at our neighborhood bus stop kept warm as they kicked around one topic of banter among them: politics.  It started when one very vocal boy said “I’m so mad Romney lost. I hate Obama.” Then a girl chimed in, “He’s the only person...

A Teachable Moment About the U.S. Election – Thanks to Foreign News


Driving this morning with my nine year-old, as we half-listened to the BBC news on the radio, yielded a nice teachable moment. They advertised their round-the-clock election coverage of the U.S. Presidential race.  It sounded momentous and a little urgent.  I took their tone for granted, but I’m glad my daughter, Sophia, didn’t.  Here’s how the conversation followed:

Sophia: “Mommy,...

How a World Map Can Feed the Spirit and the Body


When I excitedly opened the cardboard tube containing the new Children Inspire Design map delivered to my door, my first reaction was perplexity.  The world map had no countries identified on it, but did have whimsical animals and people.  What’s the good of a map without, at minimum, national boundaries?

So I stared at it for probably a minute,...

Saving the Best School Supply for Last


With school supply shopping for three daughters at three different schools safely behind us, there’s one last item I’m actually excited about.  It isn’t on a single school supply list and doesn’t have a power cord, but it’s essential for 21st Century learning – which is why I wanted to share this with the MomsRising Community.

It’s a world map.


Raising Kids Who Care


It was one of those mornings when I was in a hurry, but the universe had other plans.  I sat my groggy four-year old down with a buttered bagel so I could rush to get ready while she ate, but when I came running back to her, I saw that she had placed a favorite coffee-table book in front...

Dear Southwest Airlines, Our Children Are Paying Attention. Stop Degrading 50% of the Population


Photo from:

More and more people are recognizing the exploitation of women’s images in the media and the impact it can have on our daughters — and our sons. They are pushing back, not gonna take it anymore. I am impressed by the mainstream embrace...

Sending Off My Nervous Baby Into the World – of Standardized Testing


I’m mad this morning.  My eight-year old (8!, yes, just 8! in third grade!) is a nervous wreck.  Today is the first day of PSSA (Pennsylvania System of School Assessment, or Pissed Students Seriously Anxious?!) Standardized testing at her school.  They’ve been prepping for weeks (or is it months?) to score stellar points on the test. She feels personally...

Happy International Women’s Day! Dedicate Your Day.


I love International Women’s Day.  I remember great lectures in honor of this day in college, visiting my old hometown Fort Wayne, Indiana for their 99th annual city-wide celebration of the day, and just love the thought of a pause in the calendar to honor heroic women.  I realize everyday should be International Women’s Day, just like every day...

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