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Easy as Maxi


I’m officially declaring maxi dresses and jumbo sock buns as my go to look for the season. Call it lazy, but I just love an easy maxi dress with bold prints. No need to add too many accessories or layers; just let the gorgeous print stand for themselves. All you gotta do is...

Mobile Apps Every Fashionable Girl Needs


Hukkster FREE | Available for iPhone, iPad Hukkster is every fashion bargainer’s best friend. This app allows you to track items in your wish list and notifies you when that item goes on sale. You may not splurge on that $200 J.Crew blazer, but if the price just went down...

Yumi Kim’s Floral Temptation


Have you guys ever found an outfit that you just HAD to get even though your wallet and bank account is screaming for you not to. Well this outfit was exactly that. I went in to Yumi Kim with the plan to just “browse around”. Yeah right!...

Get Packing For a Weekend Getaway


Now that the weather is getting better and Spring is really blooming, I’ve been itching to have a short weekend getaway. While I haven’t quite decided where to go yet, I’m thinking nature and close proximity to a body of water (think lake or beach) will be a requirement.

One thing...

In The Nude


This über-girly outfit definitely is a departure from my boyish grunge look last Tuesday. What can I say? I’m an equal opportunity stylist! While I’m usually a fan of color, I thought it would be fun to go (almost) entirely nude this time. However, just because I’m going...

Boyish Grunge


The weather this past weekend has been the best so far this year. I almost couldn’t believe it, if it wasn’t for my errand trip earlier in the morning. My usual modus operandi for figuring out what to wear is to look outside the window and see what people in the streets...

Giveaway Friday: ModCloth Gift Card


It’s Giveaway Friday time again! We’ve got a good one for you guys today: a $50 gift card to one of my favorite store, ModCloth. What will $50 get you at ModCloth? A lot of options of cute goodies — so much so, you’re going to have a hard time picking.

Here are...

Schoolboy Vest


This JCrew denim dress is one of my fave and is definitely on the wardrobe repeat list. Although wearing the same dress can get kind of boring so I gotta mix it up somehow. Like breaking the dress-up with my American Apparel schoolboy vest. As the name suggest, I...

Waterproof Your Style


So the saying goes: “April showers brings May flowers.” Well, while those flowers may be pretty, getting caught unprepared in a rain shower sure isn’t. Well lucky you, we got some picks to make sure that you (and your stuff) is waterproofed against the sometimes unpredictable Spring showers — and all without sacrificing one drop...

Florals & Ivy


Spring is officially here, bring on the flowy dresses and floral prints! I was so excited this past weekend because it was the first time I could really wear my floral dresses without freezing to death. The day was a tad windy, so I still had to pair the outfit...

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