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Off The Shoulder


You wouldn’t know it from all the unseasonably cold weather we’ve been having lately, but summer is just around the corner. Which means it’s almost time for leisurely bike rides in Governor’s Island, picnics in Central Parks, and spending a fun filled music festival day in Randall’s Island. My favorite uniform for...

Laced Up


I’ve been having so many dissapointing moments with the weather lately. When you have all these new short rompers and crop top lined up for your spring outfits, you can’t help but feel bummed out when the max temperature is 61°F. But you know what, for today’s blog outfit I’m going to totally...

Giveaway Friday: e.l.f. Cosmetics Set (Part Tres)


Okay it’s been awhile since we’ve had a giveaway and we’re definitely long overdue for one. e.l.f make-up set is always a fan favorite, so not do it again?

Just in case you guys need a reminder about NYC-based cosmetics line, they’ve got the trifecta of fabulousness: cruelty-free, PETA approved, and super affordable. Most of...

Super Into It


I’m not one to shy away from crop tops — there’s definitely quite a few of them in my closet. But one thing that I usually almost always my crop tops with: high-waisted bottoms. This time I decided to do something I haven’t done before and and pair with with pants that show a...

White Crop


Oh-em-gee you guys, I think it’s going to be crop top weather in NYC from now on. Well, okay so maybe you’ll have to carry around a light jacket with you. But still — the prospect of expanding my outfit selection to include crop top is welcomed news. My current favorite and latest edition...

Pop of Orange


Spring is fully on, which means it’s time to incorporate pops of color into my wardrobe. Well, not like I’m color adverse or anything, but it just always feels like when the change of season rolls around, there’s suddenly an urgency to not don so much black and gray. This skirt is the perfect transitioning piece...

Mickey & Distressed Denim


Finally! This weekend’s weather has been so gorgeous and actually feeling like spring. One of the first days where I actually walked around most of the day carrying my jacket and wondering why I even brought one in the first place. But of course, the April weather being temperamental as it is, as...

Fuzzy Animal


Just when you think Spring is finally here, the universe throws you a 30° weather. On the bright side, it did give me a chance to bust out my Maison Scotch faux fur jacket.

Triple Denim


I might have shied from double denim once upon a time, but that was a very long time ago. Now I’m all about embracing the Canadian tux, as people would call it. I thought: why just go double denim, when you can layer and triple it up. And while you’re at it, add a...

Giveaway Friday: Buxom Customizable Eyeshadow Compact Bar


I’m all about the eyeshadow compact bar. Maybe it’s the greediness in me that makes me think: why mess around with a single shadow when you can take the whole lot. But then the next problem usually is: I like four out of the six shade in the palate, but I’m not so...

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