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I’m a firm believer that fashion is a powerful tool. It can not only make you look like a million bucks, but also make you feel great and empower you to take on the world. But my favorite kind of fashion are the ones that take it a step further...

Classically Denim


I don’t know about you guys, but most of my go-to outfits usually involve some kind of denim. Plain denim is like the tofu of the fashion world. On their own, they might be a bit boring and flavorless. But they serve as a great palate for dressing up and take...

Off Shoulder In Pink


See I told you I was obessesed with the off-shoulder trend, because here comes another blog post featuring one. After all my foray with off-shoulder tops and rompers, I found that they’re not all created equal. My favorite ones are the one that comes with a separate elastic band for your arm. Or,...

Poms and Choker


I have been a bit obsessed with the off-shoulder and poms trend lately. I love them both separately, so then I thought: why not combine it? To do this, I literally just googled “off shoulder poms” and this Romwe crop top is what I found. Not long after...



I took this photo about a month ago in Texas, and booooooy was the weather HOT. When the temperature get’s that crazy and humid, I don’t even feel like fussing around with dressing up fancy. In this kind of heat, I go for the tried and true: jeans and plain tee. Then...



I just adore clothing with fun prints, like this cactus printed dress from Topshop. As soon as I saw it, I knew it had to come home with me.

Outfit Combo: cactus print dress...

Yellow Floral


This dress is another acquisition from the Zara sale a couple weeks ago. just like my tartan dress, this floral beauty was a last chance grab. I just love when I find that the last dress available is exactly my size — it’s like a sign from the universe that I need to get...

Pink Grafitti


As a blogger, and a photo taking addict, I love finding quirky walls that serves as great backdrops for my snapshots. I especially love it when the background happens to also match my outfit. I mean what are the chances that I’ll find a wall as wacky as my pink printed...

Red Tartan


Hope everyone had an awesome long Fourth of July weekend. If you’re like me, the weekend fun doesn’t include just grilling and fireworks, but also partaking in the Independence Day sale. I gotta say that I’m pretty proud of myself for keeping a semblance of control and not going too crazy. I snagged two dresses...

Independence Day Sale Roundup + $600 Nordstrom Giveaway


You know what is a crazy realization for a self professed shop-a-holic like me? I seriously cannot remember the last time I had myself a big shopping spree. It’s kind of good, I guess, to have self control and all that (LOL). But then it got me thinking that I’m overdue for some...

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