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Scarfs and Cubes


This lucky girl is fortunate enough to enjoy a fairly sizable closet for New York standards. Even then, my modest walk-in closet is almost at the breaking point where I need to take stuff out in order to bring something in. So when I’m considering whether to add a piece to my collection,...

White in Summer


I’m not sure why, but white eyelet dresses are just so quintessentialy summer. It definitely has been a favorite go-to dress for me lately. Pair it up with a flea market embroidered bag, and I’ve got myself a stylish boho look that can withstand the summer heat.

Tiger Shorts


This tiger shorts is one of those piece of clothing that immediately struck me as I walked into the store. As most of my Topshop shopping stories goes: I came in looking for one thing, got distracted by all the pretty shiny things, and leave with much more than what was on my...

Staycation Essentials


About a year or so ago, I was in a cab when I heard the NYC tourism tagline “for the world, it’s the trip of a lifetime. For you, it’s a subway ride away.” This really struck a chord with me. Why let the tourist have all the fun, right? I’ve been in the big...

Nautica in Nude


There’s something fun about the idea of wearing all nude. Not sure if it’s because I’m just a huge fan of doing matching pieces. Or if there’s something about it that appeals to the juvenile 4th grader part of my brain that thinks it’s funny to wear clothes that make you look naked from...

Review: Le Mieux Skin Perfecter


Lord knows I’ve had tons of struggles with my skin. I mean, come on, I thought as you get old and have to deal with fine lines and wrinkles creeping in, you also get to shed the skin problems of your teenage years. But alas, the pesky teenage pimples just mutated to adult acne...

Two Piece In Stripes


I have been so into two piece sets lately. Who doesn’t love two for the price of one, am I right? It’s been a favorite tactic of late when I’m shopping: look for the two piece sets hidden in the dresses section. Obviously, the main attraction of the outfit is the matching...

Earth Tones


We’ve had some weird weather this spring, which has made dressing stressful to say the least. Not to mention the increasingly sad pile of newly acquired crop tops, short shorts and rompers thats been sitting in my closet, just waiting to see the light of day. Well it seems like the weather gods are...



Those of you who follow the blog know all about my love for adult onesies, aka rompers and jumpsuits. I’m also a huge fan of matching two-pieces. So when I had a chance to combine these two, of course I jumped on it. So you’re probably wondering how something can be both...

Lightly Pink


Have you ever had one of those moments where you knew you wanted an article clothing after seeing it for a millisecond? I definitely had a “love at first sight” moment with this pink long blazer from Topshop. As usual, I came in for something specific and came out with something totally different — and spent...

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