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Cancun Casuals


I’ve only been back less than a week and already I’m missing Cancun so much. I mean who wouldn’t miss the wonderful staff of J.W. Marriott catering to your every whim while you soak up the sun. Though, what I probably will miss more than pool-side service is being able to wear short shorts, crop tops, and...

Meow In My Pocket


If two of my outfit post in a row contains cat related items, does that mean I have problem? Oh well, who cares. I’ll shout it to the world: you got a proud self-proclaimed cat lady over here, and I’ll take all the feline outfits I can get my paws...

Giveaway Friday: e.l.f. Cosmetics Set (Part Deux)


Welcome to the first Giveaway Friday of 2016! We had such a popular response to late last year’s e.l.f. Cosmetics giveaway, we decided to do a repeat of it as the first blog giveaway of the year.

Just in case you guys need a reminder about NYC-based cosmetics line, they’ve got the...

Stay Fit Essentials


How’s that get fit new year’s resolution? I hope it’s still going strong. If you’ve falter a bit, don’t give up, you still have 351 more days to perfect it. Read on to see a list of my stay fit essentials — might just be the thing you need to keep you going.


Crazy Cat Collar


Ok so I promised there would be tons more #meow in 2016, so of course the fourth blog of the year has got to be cat related. I was so excited to find this shirt at Choies — they have so many cat themed clothing on...

Denim Jacket


One of my shopping mission of the past holiday break was to find a new boyfriend denim jacket. I already had mentally prepared myself to brave the holiday crowd to hunt for that perfect jacket, when I saw that my sister was wearing exactly I wanted. What can I say my sis has good...



First post of the year! Hope everybody had a bangin’ New Year’s Eve last night. I’m still on my holiday break at my parents, enjoying the mild Texas winter (none of the crazy Minnesota snow Jess is having). So this snowman jacket was the perfect Texas travel companion. I daresay as soon as I get...



If anyone asks me: don’t you think you have enough cat themed clothing? The answer will always be a resounding “never.” There was tons of cat stuff in 2015, and you better believe there will be tons more in 2016.

Giveaway Friday: $50 Amazon Gift Card


We’ve got a special holiday edition of Giveaway Friday today. For those of you in fear that may not get that present you’re looking for under the Christmas tree, you’re in luck. We’re giving away $50 to buy whatever your heart’s desire.

Read on to see how you...

Boohoo Velvet


The party dress parade continues, this time with a velvet maxi piece from Boohoo. I just love velvet for party wear — something about the fabric just feels so decadent and perfect for any holiday or New Year’s Eve soiree.

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