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Camel Coat, In Grunge


If this coat looks familiar to you, it’s because you just saw it in one of my blog post last week. One of my favorite thing about this coat is the versatility of it: you can dress it up or down. With the small sizes of New York apartment...

Getting Blanket Cozy


At times, the winter chill just makes me want to go all “honey badger mode” about my fashion choices. Honey badger don’t care what she’s wearing as long as it’s warm and comfortable. Well thank god that blanket scarves are in-trend this season. Not only is it look good, it ticks of...

Classic Camel Coat


I’ve been looking for a camel coat for awhile now — and I finally found what I’m looking for at Uniqlo. My favorite part about this coat is the cashmere blend that gives it the layer of warmth and extra soft fuzziness, while keeping the jacket light. Also, there’s something vaguely...

Flies and Fuzzies


I am a fuzzy lover — I just love pretty much anything soft and fuzzy. If it was really possible to wear a kitten tee, I totally would. Unfortunately since there is no such thing, I gotta settle for the next best thing: faux fur. This Topshop jumper...

Cyber Monday Picks


A lot of people (including me) probably consider Monday to be the worst day of the week. For fifty-one weeks of the year, poor ol’ Monday gets none of the love and all of the hate. But there is one day where it gets to be the star of the week: Cyber Monday!

Leopard Spots


What a change in weather a week could make! I swear, I don’t remember it being that cold when I left for Italy (and gratefully it wasn’t very cold in there either). But it sure was a different story when I returned. Last week was so nippin cold! It almost...

(Almost) All Black


Outfit Combo: sweater from Victoria’s Secret (find similar here and here), imitation leather skirt from H&M, aixa lace-up leather platform booties from Ann Taylor, envelope clutch from ASOS (find similar here and here).

Make a Statement With Crazy & Co. (and Win $50 Gift Card)


No doubt about it, I am a huge fan of statement jewelry (sometimes the bigger the better). Why? I think because it’s probably the easiest way to transform and elevate your outfit. This is especially true if, like me, your closet contains a lot of basics that pieces that you...

Leather and Blue


Fall is in full swing and soon enough the chill of winter is going to be here. On some days, it feels like that’s already here in NYC. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not quite ready yet for the bulky coats and scarves, and the face-hiding wool hats. I’m wearing...

Giveaway Friday: Zoya Nail Polish Set


TGIF! And of course we got Giveaway Friday lined up to make your day even better. One lucky winner will get a Zoya nail polish gift set, with three gorgeous shades: Blu, Adel, and Bela.

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