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Garden Camp


We aren’t big camp people.  I never went to overnight camp because my parents were afraid of child molesters and mosquito bites.  Vivien has given me the evil eye, “I’m so not happy with you mommy” stare when I’ve pushed … Continue reading →

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The Chicken Whisperer


My little urban farmer is very good at wrangling and caring for our backyard chickens

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Anyone who knows me my credo is “I’m married, not dead.”  Yes, I’ve gone years in the most unattractive cargo like pants, stains on my shirt as my haggered face drops my kids off at school, having not YET had … Continue reading →

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school volunteer burnout


It happens every June… I’m burnt out on volunteering at my kid’s school.  Also, I volunteer other places, but knowing Summer is in sight, that I’ve almost reached the mountain top makes me want to run screaming from the campus. … Continue reading →

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what’s a matter with that ladies face?


  I had I had an eye job.  Let’s get that straight right from the start. I wasn’t beaten by my husband or in a car accident. I get that you might wince or feel empathetic pain looking at these … Continue reading →

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Mom hair cut


Oh, yes, I have been tempted over the years to hack off my hair. Have flirted with bangs.. could for hiding forehead wrinkles. I’ve done shoulder length, but I still have long hair. even though it can be more work. … Continue reading →

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Sum recipes, sum changes


I keep thinking, well I USED to be on Food Network.  but, guess I’m still on cause my episode Sum Sum Summertime is on tomorrow.  It’s got some tasty stuff on it.  Chorizo sliders, fish tacos… rock it!!  All recipes … Continue reading →

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Daphne Dishes…no more


Dear everyone who has ever been nice to me.  Last week I found out that Daphne Dishes is NOT getting a 3rd season on Food Network.  I am, of course, super bummed.  The ratings were good, but the daytime programming … Continue reading →

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Aint’ nobody here but us chickens!


  We have taken the leap!  We are urban chicken farmers.  We have been talking for years about getting chickens. We have a big yard.  Mark has had them before.  He knew what not to do: have a rooster that … Continue reading →

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stealth vlogger: homework


As my kids get older I’m less comfortable with blogging about them directly.  Vivien is savvy enough to say to me now when I take a picture “Don’t post that”.  Poor kid. So, it’s been harder to figure out how … Continue reading →

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