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abused driver


I’m so glad I have been doing this blog since early ’08 or else I would remember NOTHING.  It keeps me honest.  The other day I was really unfair to my son.  He was pelting me with sticks, kicking my … Continue reading →

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They have the cleanest streets


I now understand the moral isolation of the rich.  For part of Spring Break  got to spend a week on Balboa Island off of Newport Beach.  It’s so clean and delightful my sister asked if we were in “The Truman … Continue reading →

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no wonder I hate mother’s day


This is what my mother’s day looked like.. Well, that’s not fair, I also had vomit on my pink P.j’s from when Rex threw up on me.  But, I’m sparing you a photo of that. No awkward brunch with corsage, … Continue reading →

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Oh, that Mother’s day


Hey for Mother’s day how about a little round up of LA moms that I’m  Click here, not here….

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Daphne Dishes is Back!


Season two baby, Season 22222!  Super Excited to officially announce my show is coming back!!! JUST Finished shooting most of the show.. hence, lame on posting… It returns with more food, more laughs, more Rex and Viv on June 7th … Continue reading →

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TV Time with Daph and Viv


Nothing like bonding with your kids over TV shows, right? Well today it’s one of my basic cable faves.. even if I think the producers need a make over. That’s right House Hunters International. Also, they always talk about all … Continue reading →

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inappropriate kids games


I was in a child party rut, I wanted to break out.. is that so wrong.?  #TBT  #Lil Viv #MeThinner

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mom that possible?


Okay, no surprise, new businesses take a lot of work.  So I saw this in my coolmom archive and it’s very relevant, expect I can see from my hollow cheeks I weighed less when I shot it then I do … Continue reading →

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Let’s try something new…


So, haven’t posted lately because Mark and I are consumed with opening a NEW eatery.  It’s the first time he has done a fast casual concept.  I give you a news links HERE  Please like it on FB or instagram. … Continue reading →

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Basement Vacation


Ah, the joys of home ownership.  Just when we felt like we were getting ahead. Paying the bills and I was starting to fantastize about a trip this summer our water heaters were about to burst.  Along with some other … Continue reading →

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