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My Favorite Vids… Moms with scarves


This video is one of my favorites.  When I was on Hallmark’s “Home and Family” recently this was one of the videos I sent to them to show.  The producers loved it, except I use the word “Vagina” in it. … Continue reading →

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New Eatery!


We just announced the name of Mark’s new eatery: Bombo!  This will be his first ever fast casual concept after a lifetime of winning praise and awards in the fine dining realm.  After Campanile closed.. or as Rex calls it, … Continue reading →

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it’s beginning to look NOT like Christmas…


January 14th.. not to bad for taking my tree down right? When my brother Jeff, was a Lothario in the ’80’s, and he was on the verge of breaking up with yet another girl he had been crazy about for two … Continue reading →

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If only we had a Stunt Mom


Through blogging I’ve met some very cool woman.  One of my faves is Shannon Colleary. She is funny and writes a lot about how women’s body images and how our sense of self changes through the years.  We feel worse … Continue reading →

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Am I raising a bad boyfriend?


Am I a young woman’s worst nightmare, or future buddy?  If I raise Rex to be good to the woman in his life I’m gold, if he has all kind of f–ed up mother issues some chick will be trashing … Continue reading →

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Cooking on Live TV


Out promoting my Food Network show.  It doesn’t all go to plan, but  it’s fun. I love performing live.. so rarely get to do so.  If at the end I get to eat my dark chocolate sauce with berries with … Continue reading →

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Where is the Funk?


Someone was just remarking to me about the stench that was coming from their refridge.  It rang a bell in my head… I remember it as if it were yesterday….. ( da,da, da, da,) Funky smell, bring in the funk, … Continue reading →

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it’s almost time…


For my show to start.  SUNDAY JAN. 4th at Noon on Food Network.  I’m getting nervous.  Nervous worried- that Food Network will write and say, “we’ve never had NO ONE watch a show before, until now.” Nervous Excited – OMG … Continue reading →

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How to take a good picture


during the holidays we take a lot of pictures.  By a tree, on Santa’s lap, photo bombing the wise men. Then New years rolls around and you want to look in a picture.. so #1 take the picture before you … Continue reading →

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Christmas cold humor


Oh, just in time for last minute shopping.  A cold.  Nothing like looking like CRAP in your family photos.  In the meantime while I regroup I’m going to leave you with two videos that made me laugh and forget my … Continue reading →

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