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volunteering at school lunch


So, When Viv was first in Kindergarten I volunteered, but as this video shows it didn’t quite go as I had planned.  I tired a few more times, but it always seemed to be school lunch time just as Rex … Continue reading →

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children’s music class


I just popped in to my neighborhood book store to get some books for Vivien.  I do my very best not to buy books online from the place that rhymes with parmesan and go to our locally owned small book … Continue reading →

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The Italian Tampon


As I’ve written about we we lucky to go to Italy this summer.  What can you say about Italy that hasn’t already been said?  The food is sublime, the language is beautiful.  Contribution to the art world is deep.  The … Continue reading →

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Prosaic adventures in Italy


More on that Europe thing. No, not the humanitarian crisis, just my little trip.. right before the pudding hit the fan.  There are the instagramable moments when you travel abroad, but there are more that are not.  So often travel … Continue reading →

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When your child makes you realize you are as dumb as dirt


He, he, this cracks me up.. I’m humbled all the time being a mom, but never more then when my kids ask me questions that I cannot answer.  Have you been there?  I’m sure you have.  Vivien is now a … Continue reading →

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Labor day fun


I hope you got to watch the Season Finale of Daphne Dishes.  Backyard Camping.  Check out recipes here.  It was great to make the 13 episodes for season 2 and I worked with such lovely people.  Everyone was super kind … Continue reading →

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colon diaries


I know what you are thinking, Daphne, how is your colon? As some of you may recall while filming season 2 of Daphne Dishes for the Food Network ( Oh, Please food god let their be a season 3, pls, … Continue reading →

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getting use to back to school


The last couple of days I’ve been running into parents from our school and the chatter is something like this: “Did you have a good summer?” “Yes, but I am so ready for them to go back!!” I had just … Continue reading →

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back to school photo


Of course I’m going to post a picture of my kids going back to school. Rex 1st grade! Vivien 5th grade.. hate how that is the last year of elementary school now. I’m glad I will able to work uninterrupted … Continue reading →

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Home from Epic trip


I didn’t think we would be able to take a trip like this.  But, certain forces conspired to help us have an Epic European trip. I’m going to pick out one part today. My darling husband spoke at the USA … Continue reading →

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