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Questions I can’t answer


Or, how being a mom makes me feel like a dumb ass.  Am I smarter than a 5th grader?  I wish.  I felt like such a big cheese when I was taking small rubber objects out of their mouths so … Continue reading →

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Movies for kids


When I don’t want my kids to watch anymore sassy, put down Disney shows I redirect them to a movie. I saw lots of films growing up that would be good for them, right? Maybe not. “Back to the Future” … Continue reading →

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Daphne Dishes


BIG ANNOUNCEMENT… I’m going to have my own show. A show on Food Network I know!!   This has been in the works for about 4 years.  From the first call from Food Network till now.  Thanks to the mom … Continue reading →

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Turkey Time!


It’s that time again.. the best holiday where you don’t have to buy a present.  Except for a hostess present maybe.  I want to replay my take on Thanksgiving I did with Cafe Mom from when I still had a … Continue reading →

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potluck ransom


I love pot lucks.  I like hosting pot lucks. However,  rules must be observed.  Put your name on your stuff.  I can’t run everyone down ” did you leave the powder blue bowl?  The Winnie the pooh platter?  The silver … Continue reading →

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volunteering for school lunch


When I did this video about volunteering to serve lunch at Vivien’s school I was treated very differently.   I thought it signaled the start of my children’s disinterest in me and concentration on their friends.  But, now that Rex … Continue reading →

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full body sanitizer?


on my way home from dropping off my kids today..which resembled Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride due to copious amounts of street consctruction.. I heard a doctor who has treated Ebola and other fun diseases that it helps to have a … Continue reading →

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Rene Zellweger, what is going on?


She has Jennifer Greyed.  It’s a verb now.  It means to have plastic surgery where you look good, pretty even, but not like your former quirky cute self.  More on it here. Look, I don’t blame her.  She was a … Continue reading →

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best marriage sex advice ever


Leave this video playing in the room when your husband is in the room. Your welcome! Not to mention the fact that if I’m awake I want to watch House Hunters international or some mumbling English chaps investigating crimes.  ( … Continue reading →

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When does Thomas chug along?


“Rex, you never use your train table anymore.  May I give this to someone who will use it?”  No way.  He wants it.  All those train tracks, all those trains are never touched, but the table stays.  It is helpful … Continue reading →

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