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Butt really


We all gaze at our kids when they are little.  Their little noises, lips, legs. All so cute.  So when I saw Rex standing in the TV room with only his shirt on I did what any loving mom would … Continue reading →

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pool danger


A quick cautionary tale… Rex is in swim classes, so on the 4th when we were at my sister’s pool I let him swim a bit without his floaty vest.  He loved jumping in the pool and swimming out.  He … Continue reading →

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couch surfing road trip


  I go to a restaurant and I want to eat in peace and not be thrown out so I give my kid my phone.  Later I find many, many photos on my phone that I delete.  But sometimes there … Continue reading →

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early summer road trip


I usually save my big family road trips for the end of summer, but a few factors forced it to June, which was fine.  I’m just back with, a yet again, dirty car and a great appreciation for the Golden … Continue reading →

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good moms don’t have clean cars


This vintage coolmom was the tip of the ice berg.  (Look at little Vivien!  Where is that cute day dress I’m wearing?  Oh, yeah it got stained and I had to throw it away and the makers of the dress … Continue reading →

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is Summer over yet?


Day 4 of my son home from school.  Yesterday was fine.  I took him on my quarterly golf outing.  He was pretty good and it’s not a morning I expected to be productive.  My golfing buddy was charmed by him … Continue reading →

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how to fold a fitted sheet…for justice


Wow, this just changed my life.  I thought it was cool enough that Lizz Winstead created “The Daily Show”  now this?     She did this for Lady Parts Justice.  That’s cool.

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The Graduate


My last baby has graduated from pre school. It was a lovely affair held in our back yard.  He had been at the school for nearly 3 years.  The hat wasn’t part of the ceremony, but dang it, I wanted … Continue reading →

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pediatric dentistry


Rex just had general anesthesia for some cavities.  I had no idea they were doing this now.  My dentist just shamed me till I let her work on me. “you crying?  You crying?  Why you crying?  Your sister isn’t crying.” … Continue reading →

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Spouse underfoot?


When I did this video Mark was recuperating from surgery.  Now that he is consulting and catering he is home a lot more.  I guess I must adjusted to having my husband around more.  But, as the saying goes, I … Continue reading →

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