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inappropriate kids games


I was in a child party rut, I wanted to break out.. is that so wrong.?  #TBT  #Lil Viv #MeThinner

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mom that possible?


Okay, no surprise, new businesses take a lot of work.  So I saw this in my coolmom archive and it’s very relevant, expect I can see from my hollow cheeks I weighed less when I shot it then I do … Continue reading →

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Let’s try something new…


So, haven’t posted lately because Mark and I are consumed with opening a NEW eatery.  It’s the first time he has done a fast casual concept.  I give you a news links HERE  Please like it on FB or instagram. … Continue reading →

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Basement Vacation


Ah, the joys of home ownership.  Just when we felt like we were getting ahead. Paying the bills and I was starting to fantastize about a trip this summer our water heaters were about to burst.  Along with some other … Continue reading →

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white flour fantasy


So, I’m trying to lose my grief weight and it’s not easy when the deeper I get into my 40’s my metabolism seems to slow at a logarithmic rate.   Give up wine.. no.  Give up white sugar, mostly I … Continue reading →

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On my way to school…


On my way to school I tell my kids tomorrow we have to get in the car earlier. On my way to school I tell my kids tomorrow not TV or ipad when they wake up because it slows us … Continue reading →

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wanting to watch My shows


I’m about to hit the road for a few days, so let me give you this vintage nugget.  It’s only a couple years old, but with netlfix, ipads, it seems quite retro.   When Rex was smaller he made it … Continue reading →

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My Dream Diagnosis


You ever go into a drawer, a box, your sister’s closet and find an article of clothing you forgot you had?  Well, sometimes I forget about videos I’ve made.  I’ve done over 500.  Here is one I tripped over and … Continue reading →

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Vaccinations.. invented for a reason


I’ve been seeing a lot of people sticking their neck out on social media to say, “enough Anti Vaccinaters” in light of the recent measle outbreaks.  I hadn’t rushed to the barricades for this round of the vaccination controversy, however … Continue reading →

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Stealing Ingredients


Here is Daphne Dishes, without the production value. No lighting, no make up and clothes.. I have a cold.   I did this a while ago, but thought it would really fit with my Food Network show running. One of … Continue reading →

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