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Best of….


So, I’m on a family trip right now. Thor is watching my house and I’m going to try to upload remotely, but not sure if it will work.  So, here is a playlist of some of my favorite coolmom videos. … Continue reading →

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Home Ec


One of the funnest parts of shooting my show is getting friends and family in on the action.  Today my first cousin, once removed Kelsie joined me. The subject was cooking healthy, cheap and easy for college, but then it … Continue reading →

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A tale of two rash guards


I’ve been doing better with my C diff and have expanded my eating.. which of means I’ll probably gain back all that weight I lost.  Darn it. But, have more energy to be active with my children. Wanting to enjoy … Continue reading →

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butt crack mom


one of my highest rated videos here for you.  Yes, I’m sure most of the clicks were from lonely men, but so be it.   I’m mending.. but dang slow ( c diff) This video did cause me to invest … Continue reading →

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good satire


So, not to be-labor it, but I’m still struggling with good old super bug C-diff.  I’ll spare you the details, it’s disgusting.  But, I want to spread some sunshine even if I’m more the in the dystopic, True Detective mindsight. … Continue reading →

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Vaccinate already


I’m super chuffed that California’s Gov.  Brown has signed into law one of the nations toughest vaccinations laws.  In short it does away with a religious exemption.  If there is a medical reason why the child cannot be vaccinated that works, … Continue reading →

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He is not planning on making it here


My kids are good travelers.    Whether it’s a grassy median  or pincher bug they find the fun.  Everywhere we go, even if it’s only for a few days Rex says,  Are you moving here? He is ready to stay. … Continue reading →

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so flipping tired again


I was driving home after dropping off Viv at camp and thought, what is this feeling I have?  oh, yes, joy, calm, I’m rested!!  It’s been years, but I was reminded of MUCH MORE rested I am with a 6 … Continue reading →

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cleaning exhaustion


My kitchen Monday morning is always a grim site.  Today, was no exception.  Did I get right too it?  No, I’m punting. I hate a messy kitchen, but as my daughter keeps reminding me, No one likes Mondays. Sometimes it … Continue reading →

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Daphne Dishes RETURNS


Second season baby!   That’s right, I’m back!!  More recipes, more kid hi jinx, more tips and tricks from the kitchen.   I’m super chuffed that Daphne Dishes is returning to the Food Network this Sunday at 11:30am.  I will … Continue reading →

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