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Mabel’s Labels for everything but when I lose my mind! @Mabelhood


1. Mom: Where is (insert object here)?

Child: I don’t know.

2. Mom: Who has your (insert it again)?

Child: I don’t know.

3. Mom: When was the last time you saw your (object that shall not be named)?

Child: I don’t know.

4. Mom: Do you understand that if you don’t bring (OBJECT OBJECT OBJECT) home I will rip off your nipples and staple them to...

phantom hands


PHANTOM PAIN is defined many places on the internet.

Phantom pain sensations are described as perceptions that an individual experiences relating to a limb or an organ that is not physically part of the body — Wikipedia

I don’t suffer from PP, but I do have related issues. I’m not sure there’s a name for what I feel but I...

what i did during summer break…


..I quit writing my blogs. It felt weird but I decided to take the summer off. Between my health, the kids, my eye problems, summer plans and trips it was too much to combine my limitations with all I wanted to do. I decided  that I had this time to spend with my family, if something happened to me,...

parent/teenager conferences


When Peter and I went to school there was no Netflix and Hulu. Xbox and Nintendo DS’s were off in the future. We were killing ourselves for a song on our mix tapes instead of the instant play on Spotify. We had dial up and one computer per house was a luxury.

It’s not hard to understand how it can...

bowling balls the only balls in play


Over winter break I took advantage of my new Groupon addiction at our local bowling alley. I was able to tell the kids to invite a friend to join us, already paid by the fun coupon.

I had suggested Nathaniel invite Luke his best friend but he was already going to be on a trip.

“Can I...

do the time warp again


February went by with no posts. They were in my head but because of my eyes and overall laziness with typing they stayed dormant.

I didn’t write about my fortieth birthday, Pete’s fortieth-second went by too. Nathaniel turned 16 (all teenage girls that visit are automatically shot in the ass with a dart of Depo-Provera)(There’s a whole post...

blogging on purpose


When I started writed in 2006 Peyton had just gotten sick. I blogged to keep friends and family updated, it slowly morphed into a place where I vented about the horror of watching my baby in so much pain, I could honestly talk about the good and bad of the life I found...

i want to be buried in my “i love jake ryan” shirt


I’m pretty sure I’m dying.

I’ve had bronchitis since Christmas, I keep forgetting to take my night meds so my bp is wonky and Web MD said this strange mole is probable pancreatic cancer. So, it’s been real ya’ll.

I can only imagine the lectures brewing right now.

You forget your meds? Are you stupid? Do you want...

chubby bunny


Peyton found this game we “HAD TO TRY!”


this girl is on fiiiiiiiiiiiiiire!


Ok, so *I* wasn’t on fire but I started one.

With my wheelchair.

In my kitchen.


We have a gas stove versus electric.

Peter ordered pizza the night before and we carelessly left the cardboard boxes on the burners.

Note: cardboard is really freaking flammable. 

 Part of my wheelchair experience...

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