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Welcome radio listeners from “Educviii with Dr. Jonathan Jefferson”


I have the pleasure of being a guest on the radio show Educviii with Dr. Jonathan Jefferson this evening. Let me extend a Mojo Mom welcome to radio listeners who are discovering my website for the first time.

It is a great opportunity to have the chance to talk for a whole hour! We’ll be able...

Now is the time to keep fighting for women’s rights in the face of Supreme Court misfires


I am a pretty unflappable person but I was enraged by last week’s Supreme Court (#SCOTUS) decisions that blatantly discriminated against women. I am not sure who I am more angry at: the men on the Supreme Court who invented specious religious rights to corporations, in and doing...

Elliot Rodger’s rage: taking our social script to a violent extreme


My grief about Elliot Rodger’s Santa Barbara killing rampage takes me to an almost wordless place. But I think it’s important to find my voice and try to address it.

Two distinct perspectives on the topic of masculinity and socialization came together today that make sense to me.

It just happens that today was the day that I...

7 ways to be mindful with a teen, by Karen Maezen Miller


Cross-posted with permission from Karen Maezen Miller’s “Cheerio Road” blog. Thank you, Karen, for allowing me to share the gift of your writing with my readers!

Karen Maezen Miller is a Zen Buddhist Priest at the Hazy Moon Zen Center in Los Angeles, mother of a...

Is blogging dead? Not quite yet….


Argh, I look at my blog and see that I haven’t posted in two months, and I wonder, “Is blogging dead?” Clearly it’s not OVER in the largest sense, but it has changed so much since I started blogging in 2003 that sometimes I think it might be over soon for me. I actually started before...

Supporting Dylan Farrow


The world is reacting to the open letter written by Dylan Farrow, written in protest of the continued artistic lionization of her adopted father Woody Allen, whom she accused of sexually abusing her when she was seven years old. Dylan reported the abuse then, back in 1992 and stands by her story to this day.

Please read...

The deep gladness of teaching personal safety through Kidpower and Doing Right by Our Kids


2013 was a busy year, in many ways productive, but I felt like I was pulled in a million different directions. For the New Year I am refocusing my energies back into my book collaboration with Irene van der Zande, “Doing Right By Our Kids: Protecting Child Safety at All Levels.” Here is my New Year’s meditation...

North Carolina’s Monster Voting Bill–a tale of voter suppression


A white Republican challenging black students’ right to vote has a 97% success rate at removing these young minority voters from the rolls. Is that what we want for North Carolina?

It is starting to sink in that North Carolina’s new voting laws go way beyond voter I. D.–which is problematic in itself–and lead straight into voter suppression. ...

Foushee and Tiemann receive votes from NC 23 Senate Executive Committee; Foushee prevails


NC 23 Senate candidates await the final decision after Amy Tiemann and Valerie Foushee split the first round of votes.

My first foray into politics came down...

Introducing Amy Tiemann


It would be an absolute honor to succeed Ellie Kinnaird in the North Carolina General Assembly, representing Orange and Chatham counties. These are trying times for North Carolina. The extreme policies enacted by the current Republican majority in the General Assembly do not represent the will of the people. But even now, we have a vital opportunity...

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