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25 weeks: Baby is the size of a rutabaga.


Hopefully she looks better inside than this rutabaga, which slightly resembles my belly with all the additional hair! Yes, the hair grows like crazy, but not so much on my head. Instead my arm hair is longer and I have fuzz on the tummy, which makes me laugh....

Yet another reason to have a dog.


Last night was rough.

We’ve moved into the new house, but Little Man can’t stay there during the day because, until yesterday, the paint was still wet and all of our worldly possessions are stacked in the middle of each room. So, every day we drop him off at our...

Paint Choices


I went to Sherwin WIlliams this morning to pick out paint colors. The house isn’t huge so we need to stick to just a few colors – one main color which is yellow based, a blue for the bedrooms, and possibly a gray for the baby’s room. The aim – beachy, summery, cool but still light.

Here’s the colors laid...

Things I learned about having a baby


Our Nurse, Irene

A friend of mine is due any day now and I’m dying to give her advice because I’m a recovering know-it-all (this blog is part of my 12 steps. I haven’t figured out the other 11 yet,...

Pink or Blue?


Another “We find out tomorrow” post.

This time, we find out if we’re having a boy or a girl (as long as baby cooperates). I have no idea what I think we’re having. I spend more time looking at girl’s clothes, rooms, toys, but I imagine us...

We’ve moved!


I haven’t stopped posting, I’ve simply been building a new blog site, hosted by ME!! That’s right, I’ve become my own boss… in a way.  Please follow our new blog at

I will be continuing to copy blog posts over here, but the new blog is way fancier! Let me know what you think.

Dear Beyonce. Good Luck! Now sit down, please. Yours, me.


Who cares? Really? Who cares that Beyonce is having a baby. Now I know that seems very hypocritical for someone that has a blog about having a baby, but it’s the saturation that’s bothering me. I’m happy Beyonce and Jay-Z are having a baby (although I’m dreading the name, I’ll admit). Very happy for them. I hope she has...

Nine months on, nine months off.


So, I have ten pounds left of pregnancy weight. I can’t call it baby weight because it wasn’t. More like salt and vinegar chips weight.I have nine weeks left before Little Man is nine months, so… (drum roll) it’s time for the TEN POUND TAKEDOWN!!

Here’s the ten pound take down plan: 1. Exercise. Ugh. Time to get the running...



Holy smokes my life is changing!

The baby, you know the one I had 7 months ago? Is trying to walk, talk and crawl all at the same time. We’re moving. We hope. We put an offer on a house, but it’s in short sale. Which apparently means that no one is paying the bills and the bank isn’t too bothered...

You mean the world to me


Print from Etsy

Since we started looking for a house, I’ve been looking at decorating blogs again ( is still a favorite) and yearning for Ikea visits and I saw a balloon with “You mean the world on it” on a...

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