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Mothers actively involved in online social media (blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.) are an important community of women. They are affecting social change from a grassroots up approach. From them, we learn about motherhood’s many joys and challenges, some of which were rarely discussed openly before. To their credit, we are no longer fed a homogenized version of motherhood and life from the mass media or celebrity perspective. Instead we enjoy unfiltered, unapologetic and, above all, sincere experiences from a variety of women living in real time.

Moms are telling their stories, and these stories are about more than just parenting and babies. These women are diverse, unique and interesting. Their life stories are entertaining, emotional and engaging (and occasionally peppered with humor, edginess and sarcasm!). In turn, readers gravitate to their unabashed social media conversations and become fiercely loyal, participative and responsive.

These women are also highly coveted by businesses because of their influence, but they are often misunderstood for the reasons that they blog and the connections that they create.

This site is here to bring additional awareness to the many moms who are blogging and the topics they write about. It brings together excerpts (only) of various stories written by moms who are blogging.

We also write stories that include personality profiles and interviews, topic analysis, business issues, technology, current event reporting, and everything relevant to mothers online.

If you are a mom and would like to be included, find out how here.

By following, the hope is that you find other women that are of interest to you to follow.  The hope is for you to truly understand, respect and enjoy these women and their experiences.

MomsWhoBlog.com strives to be your ultimate source of news and knowledge on mothers active in social media. Welcome.


Jennifer LoBianco

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