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  • And then…my last child was off to high school.

    Written by: 1imperfectmom on September 9th, 2013

    In the Blink of an Eye… The air is filled with anticipation, excitement, nervous energy, it must be the first day of school. This year for me is very bittersweet. My youngest began his senior year of high-school today, I’m not really sure how that happened. So fresh in my memory is his first day [...]

  • First Day School Jitters

    Written by: 1imperfectmom on September 2nd, 2013

    Summer is coming to an end, the kids are bored, they are fighting with each other, they are on your last nerve, everyone needs a little more structure to their day and the first day of school can’t come soon enough. Right? Maybe not, for Moms and kids alike, the beginning of school can come [...]


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OUTRAGEOUS. Tell the CEO of Mylan: It’s Time to Bring the Price of EpiPens Down!

Take Action!“Where’s your EpiPen?” I’ve asked that question more times than I can count. I'm the mom of a food...

Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Frosting

It took everything I had not to post 300 pictures of these pumpkin spice cupcakes. Seriously, these cupcakes were...

Back to School with New Products from Post-it Brand!

I don't know how our family ever survived without Post-it Notes! It seems like we use them constantly at...

Weekend Fun for Boston Kids: Amazing Race, Fenway, End-of-Summer Bash

Calling all local makers! This is a great weekend for you, with both the annual Mini Maker Faire and...

Gift Ideas for Your Teenager

Mom Fuse: Gift Ideas for Your Teenager Ahhh, the joy of teenagers. From their smelly gym clothes lying on the...

Restaurants at Mount Airy Casino Resort – Bistecca, Guy Fieri’s and More

I wrote an overview of Mount Airy Casino Resort in yesterday’s post Mount Airy Casino Resort in the Poconos Is...

Pokemon Go is making it weird.

So, Pokemon Go just sent out an update that lets your trainer appraise your pokemons (Pokemen?  Pokemi?) and that...

kate spade Surprise Sale: Up to 75% Off

Up to 75% off normal prices at katespade.com? Yes please! Here’s some of my favorites: I actually got this...

Weekend Fun: Battle of Brooklyn, US Open, Snakes, and a Derby

Although NYC starts to slow down in late August, there are still lots of ways to wring a season's worth...

A Sparkly Smile Can Make All The Difference

Mom Fuse: A Sparkly Smile Can Make All The Difference In our opinion, your smile is one of the best...

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